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Marcos Aragão Correia Digging his own Hole?

Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer searches for Joana's corpse, murdered by her mother Leonor Cipriano and uncle, João Cipriano

Aragão Correia sent a fax last week to the GNR of Portimão where he requested for the authorities to search in an area pointed out by Leonor Cipriano as the place where her brother João had buried the eight year old girl's body.

Leonor last Tuesday, at the Odemira prison changed again the version of the events surrounding her daughter's murder; she affirmed that "the assassin João Cipriano told her that he had buried the girl's body in the hills of Figueira" in an "abandoned house".

The representative of the mother of Joana in the alleged assault involving current and former inspectors of the Judiciary Police, to obtain a confession from Leonor Cipriano - though Leonor had signed the confession previously to the alleged date of the assault - stressed in that letter that its constituent 'guarantees' the statements of her brother [and uncle of the girl] in those days "which succeeded the disappearance [September 2004].

[Leonor Cipriano] recalls that it was mentioned by the same (...) an abandoned house, although she does not remember the specific circumstances in which the murderer did what he did, nor if it was in the presence of others or not, and if he was referring to concealment of the body of the girl or not."

João Cipriano has already stated that it's all a lie.

The area and houses mentioned by Leonor according to the PJ were thoroughly searched and nothing was found.

Even so, according to Correio da Manhã Marcos Aragão Correia and an unnamed friend, along with "a labrador dog trained to hunt" took the private initiative of digging a few holes with a hoe and a shovel in some of the abandoned houses in the hills on the Northern area of Figueira.

Nothing was found.


  1. o mac+o amigo+ o cão+ 2 casas+enxada+pá.A norte dos montes da Figueira.

    Só escavaram numa.Esse trabalho é duro.Tão duro que,ao que consta,familiares de L.C., vão ajudar.

    Por serem pessoas habituados à dureza da vida de campo?

  2. Someone somewhere someday will surely make a film based on the antics of this guy - a comedy in the Pink Panther tradition. He's absolutely barking!

  3. How tiring must be to be police.
    Specially to be PJ.
    All suspects lying all the time, this must be very irritating.

  4. I hope he will wash his hands well, after digging his own hole.

  5. 'Marcos Aragão Correia Digging his own Hole?'

    Maybe with a bit of luck he will disappear up his own hole and take along with him a few other sorry asses of excuses of despicable people? On that day there really will be justice for Joana and Madeleine.

  6. Joana, is there any publicatio that the McCanns washed the sofa of 5A? I have a theory about it.


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