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Marinho Pinto's Drama: "There is state terrorism in Portugal"

When confronted with the searches done by the Judiciary Police to the Office of Vasco Vieira de Almeida, an action which took place in the scope of the investigations on the Freeport case, the head of the Portuguese Bar, Marinho Pinto did not concretely made a statement concerning that situation, though he implicitly criticized the PJ and the Public Ministry in a more abstract and general style. The Bar said: “This is a practice usual to terrorist states. (…) If this is done in this way, in Portugal, this is state terrorism”.

Carlos Anjos, the ASFIC [PJ’s union] leader, considered that “Acts of terrorism” are the affirmations of Marinho Pinto.

Tune in for the next Chapters of the Freeportgate 2009


  1. I didn't hear or read all of M.Pinto's speach, but the part I've heard, he spoke about lawyers being injuriated and insulted in court, I'm sure he was thinking of his "protégé" Aragão Correia, and his being thrown out of court by the judge.

  2. Listen to what this man has to say because someone who can do what he has been doing to the men in the PJ surely knows a lot about terrorism.


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