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McCanns and Metodo 3: The Spanish Connection?

Today, the Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published an article that reported on the alleged intervention of detective agency Método 3 in the interception of a paedophile network that shared child pornography files on the internet. What today’s article forgot to mention was that this operation was carried out in mid-December 2008, when the Spanish police decided to act upon several investigations that had been ongoing throughout the year, namely operations "Malkone" and "Lolita E-10yo". The article also forgets to mention that Método 3 is no longer employed by the McCanns, after failing to bring Madeleine McCann home for Christmas. The journalist who signs the article, Nando Garcia, has contacted this blog in the past, offering ‘privileged’ information in exchange for background data on the Madeleine case.

In April 2008, this blog exposed in an article titled: " El Mundo Article: Lies and Plagiarism", how the journalist Aníbal Malvar wrote a piece copying parts and citing quotes of fictional characters of the book “The Star of Madeleine” written by former Judiciary inspector and author Paulo Pereira Cristovão.

In fact, in his article, Malvar included a description of a meeting with former inspector Gonçalo Amaral, something that was dismissed by Paulo Santos, Amaral's lawyer: “Those statements are a complete lie. Gonçalo Amaral never told the journalist anything.” The Spanish journalist even tried afterwards to justify the use of two inspectors who did not exist: “The article is a literary one and has several sarcasms and it's perhaps because of that that it was misunderstood”.

As someone said, “stupidity is not a crime”, but whose stupidity, we ask, the foolishness of Malvar or the imprudence of the Editors of the El Mundo newspaper?

Why point out Malvar’s article today? Because, apparently El Mundo has learned nothing from the past. Today in El Mundo we can read an article pieced together by Nando Garcia. It’s a poor patchwork based on a press note released by the Spanish National Police on the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ site, which made the news on the 15th of December last year.

Today  in Nando Garcia’s article, we can read that the Barcelona based detective agency, Método 3, detected a paedophile network in the internet through an anonymous email received by their ‘call-and-email center’. The email, allegedly received two months after the detectives were hired by Team McCann, tipped the detectives to the alleged existence of a paedophile video where Madeleine Beth McCann appeared. Further Nando Garcia explains that although it turned out that Madeleine was not in the video, the Método 3 agency warned the technologic brigade of the Spanish police force, who arrested a total of 34 individuals on paedophile charges.

This number of arrested individuals, 34, coincidentally is the exactly the same number of the above mentioned Police press release titled: "La Policía Nacional detiene a otras 34 personas en su permanente lucha contra la pornografía infantile” – The National Police arrested 34 persons in its permanent fight against child pornography, published last year. Believe it or not, the content of Nando Garcia’s article in El Mundo today is in many ways similar to the press note published by the Spanish Police apart from the Método 3 agency role. In fact, from the press release and subsequent news of that period we see that an International and Spanish judiciary police force worked on the case, however there isn’t a single mention of a private detective agency.

From then on we can read an article that deliberately omits certain aspects of what would be complete fresh news, like the fact that Método 3 are no longer employed by the McCanns after a rather tumultuous ending to their relationship, as reported in several British media. The piece reads more like an advert for Método 3 than a proper news article, taking full advantage of the known fact that any report that mentions the name ‘Madeleine McCann’, no matter how remotely related – if at all – the object of the article actually is to the missing child, said article will benefit from a worldwide media echo.

A mysterious e-mail

And the illustrious journalist who signs the article is indeed someone who has been following the Madeleine McCann case in a close relationship with the Spanish detective agency, as he openly recognises in an email sent to the authors of this blog in the 22nd of July, 2008. At the time of the release of the ‘PJ final report’ PDF file by the Portuguese Expresso Newspaper.

Nando Garcia an alias for an El Mundo Journalist told us:” I have had access to some information due to my relation with the Spanish detectives but for me it’s impossible right now to get access to the summary of the case which I see you have. Could you please send me a copy, I would share me discoveries with you” in exchange he would allow us to “be co-writer of what I publish”.

We take this chance to answer and thank Señor Garcia but we have standards and ethics contrary to so many newspaper editors - but then again, we can afford the luxury of independence and free speech.

Joana Morais and Astro


  1. Metodo 3 and the McCann team are two of a kind. They suit each other!

  2. The British press today is full of the paedophile ring in Spain in support of the McCann 'abduction' fiction. When is Amaral's book going to appear in UK bookshops, or will powers-that-be stop that. The UK population must not know the truth, we have to believe the lie.

  3. The positive side of the (old) news - that a pedophile network was dismantled and a few dozen creeps were jailed - is totally obfuscated by the McCanns and the detectives and the whole ridiculous, lying circus that surrounds the Madeleine McCann case. The manner in which an utterly unrelated investigation by the Spanish police is abusively hijacked by this sinister gang, and brainlessly propagated by the press in other countries is insulting for the public and deeply offensive to Madeleine's dignity and memory.
    But all that matters is to keep The Lie alive.

    Thank you, Astro and Joana, for keeping an informative, unbiased blog that fights for truth and free speech!

  4. BRAVO, Joana and Astro
    All best
    Paulo sargento

  5. Jumping on other people's work and taking the laurels for it...Humm...this rings a bell... OH , yes, the european alert system for missing children, alredy thought of and conceived by other people( I believe Margarida Sousa Uva was one),which the Mccanns shamelessly took over as their own!

  6. More "Smoke and Mirrors" from the McCann organisation. They are becoming concerned about the rising tide of British opinion that the McCann's are responsible for their daughters death. When will the book be published in English, justice for Madeleineis long overdue

  7. Well done, Joana and Astro, thanks!

    And thanks to the internet, too- without it, we would have to rely only on the various Nandos and Anibals...

  8. Mi querido Nando García

    Solamente por si no te habías enterado, en España también estamos siguiendo este caso, quizás es que tengamos que escribiros en inglés para que nos entendáis.

    Como española siento vergüenza de la MEDIOCRE actuación de la prensa/radio/televisión nacional. No habéis informado adecuadamente porque NO OS HA DADO LA GANA.

    Con anterioridad a la fecha en la que enviaste ese mail a Joana ya nos habíamos puesto en contacto con vosotros, así como con TODOS los medios españoles, para pedir una cobertura mediática JUSTA (yo personalmente envié varios e-mails y he hablado con INFINIDAD de pseudo periodistas, pero NUNCA recibimos ni contestación ni un cambio en vuestra forma de informar.

    Pero no te preocupes, en este momento España dispone de una pandilla de "menopausicas sin nada mejor que hacer" que se ha dedicado a hacer vuestro trabajo y por lo que parece lo estamos haciendo bastante mejor que todos vosotros juntos.

    En caso de necesitar alguna cosa, ya sabes, aquí seguiremos "Hasta que se sepa la Verdad. Y todo en castellano.

    Tuyas sinceramente. Mercedes y Mila.

  9. Bom dia,todos os dias|

    Muitissimo bom todo este "esclarecimento".

    seres oportunistas tipo nanditos e maquitos existem ,por si só, para serem confrontados.

    O Vosso trabalho permanece impecável e intocável.

    Também agradecemos a DL que no Seu blog chamou a atenção para a tentativa de "recuperação" de imagem dos Ms e talvez para 1 tentativa de aproximação aos mcs,os quais resolveram voltar ao "Portugal Suave", o deles.

    Joana e Astro,muito obrigada!

  10. Anybody could have written that mail pretending to be Nando Garcia. Why would he send the mail from an account in the name of "Anastasio Morales".
    You say that Nando Garcia is an alias. Source ? According to my book his name is Nando (Fernando) Garcia.
    I think you are insulting a serious journalist based on nothing.
    Furthermore, I believe you didn´t understand El Mundo´s article.


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