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McCanns resort to spies to reopen the process

The investigation into the disappearance of Maddie is not finished. The McCanns have hired former secret agents to arrange for new evidence and to force the Portuguese authorities to continue the inquiry

The McCann couple wants the Portuguese authorities to resume the investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine. The case has been archived already, but according to 24Horas, the little girl’s parents believe that it’s still possible to find her, and that for that to happen the case really has to be reopened.

In order to intensify the searches for Maddie, the McCanns have announced the hiring of a reinforced team of private detectives. It includes, among others, former agents of the most specialised police forces in Great Britain, namely prominent former elements of the powerful M15 and M16 [sic], the best secret services of British espionage.

“We want new clues that may indicate the child’s whereabouts to be studied. I’m not going to advance any specifics, but I can say that there is new data that may be important”, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family’s spokesman, asserted 24Horas.

A source at the Polícia Judiciária guaranteed to the newspaper that until now “no new relevant piece of evidence” about Maddie has been received. But the door is not closed on a new police intervention.

“That really can happen. But it has to be taken into account that for the inquiry to be restarted we have to receive new facts that lead us to understand that it’s really useful to restart it”, the same PJ source explained.

A millionaire at their disposal

Scotsman Bryan Kennedy has been the McCann couple’s financial guardian angel. This multimillionaire is responsible for the recent money injections in the increasingly empty Fund for Madeleine, which is composed of donations from anonymous members of the public and has been receiving increasingly less contributions.

Bryan Kennedy, aged 47, has supported Kate and Gerry since the first hour. Accodring to 24Horas, he even went as far as considering the suspicions that fell on the McCanns concerning their eventual guilt in the disappearance of the child to be “incredible and torturing”.

Therefore, it has truly been Kennedy’s benevolence that has permitted to proceed with the private investigations in the search of the McCanns’ eldest daughter, who disappeared in the Algarve on the 3rd of May 2007.

source: Sol, 15.01.2009


  1. We dont want this man in Portugal never never never again.
    Go home to Rotley and stay there please!!!
    And take Alípio Ribeiro, Paulo Rebelo, Rogério Alves, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, Marinho Pinto, Marcos Aragão Correia, Pinto Monteiro and José Sócrates with you.
    Bye bye!!!

  2. Mentirosos!
    Continuam a alimentar a farsa, porque é a única forma de irem enganando os papalvos que alimentam o fundo Maddie. Tenham vergonha na tromba e voltem para Inglaterra. Não são cá bem vindos depois de terem enxovalhado a policia, a comunicação social e ofendido os portugueses. Vai-te embora BANDIDO. E leva daqui o jiló Rogério Alves.

  3. I think the greatest dream of Amaral would be to reopen the process.Why are the McCanns doing him this great favor? Strange.According to professor Moita Flores, if I'm not mistaken, there were enough elements in the investigation to start a process.The McCanns are not arguidos anymore, because of lack o evidence,although the PJ's conclusion was death and concealing of cadaver.Instead of sitting down in a corner, reading the Bible, they start a noise.They are scared of something, aren't they?Tony Bennet?

  4. One must ask, in view of this,WHY, OH, WHY? didn't they then use the deadline the portuguese law conceded them to request for the reopening of the case? Not too convenient at back then? First they needed to have a good look at the file and what was in it, make sure there wasn't any damning evidence against them?...

  5. I'm afraid that "new evidence arranged" by "former secret agents" is not enough.Do you really think that portuguese police is that thick?And why now all this talk about secret investigation and about them wanting to reopen the process?They didn't do it when they could!What are they trying to hide? Something must have happened.
    I hope the pj send those stupid secret agents (if they really exist)back home (de preferência com um bom pontapé no rabo).

  6. Palavras soltas,tipo associação de ideias:

    a eleição do novo Presidente de U.S.A;
    colonialismo (espírito de );
    mais e maior pressão;
    Casos de Portugal em tribunal e,talvez a chegarem ao fim;
    a(s)crise(s) económicas; o desemprego a nível Mundial;
    a recessão/crise(s) em Portugal.
    manobra de manipulação das atenções;
    desviar a atenção para assuntos sócio-políticos;

    E o enorme sorriso,ENORME, de R.Alves(Dr.)a saída do luxuoso hotel.U M S O R R I S O TÂO GRANDE,quase diria, um sorriso guloso.

    Que mais nos irá acontecer?
    Continua tudo a ser tão,tão estranho.

  7. Sim, foi isso que também me faltou no comentário "palavras soltas/associação de ideias". Lembrei-me ontem e só agora ao ler 1 dos comentários,passo a acrescentar que me faltou a referência às diligências do Advogado Britânico e o facto de estar a desencadear(e que consiga!) a abertura deste caso da Maddie nos Tribunais Ingleses.

  8. Hmmm would the re-opening of the case bring along with it what the McC's want a silencing of all those who search for justice of a 3-year old child who mysteriously disappeared on a May 07 family holiday i.e.

    Keep the populous of the world in the dark and feed them cr @p! No books, no documentaries, no films except pink spun ones. The secrecy law was invaluable when the mother who just knew that her child had been taken by an organised paedophile ring was asked how she knew just knew but she said she could not say anymore because of the secrecy law but if she could she would tell and we would all know just know also. Seems she did not even divulge how she knew just knew to the PJ also!

  9. Filmes...casos que magoam muito,por ex:
    A Troca.
    ""Changeling" é o segundo ...................
    "Os crimes contra crianças são os mais repugnantes.

    Excerto de 1 artigo:

    Rachel Abramowitz (Exclusivo PÚBLICO/Washington Post
    Tradução Rui Brazuna)

  10. Bearing in mind the McCann Mafia, Amaral and Bennet must protect themselves and their families so none of them come to any bodily harm for trying to make the truth known to the world. Remember, Amaral's dog was killed.

  11. The two lying doctors Kate and Gerry McCann are an embarrassment to Britain but the support their lies receive from the British establishment is even more embarrassing.

  12. "Dela fazem parte, entre outros, ex-agentes das mais especializadas forças policiais da Grã-Bretanha, nomeadamente destacados ex-elementos dos poderosos M15 e M16, os melhores serviços secretos de espionagem britânica"

    Que raio são os M15 e os M16? Os redactores deste artigo copy/pasted do 24 Horas não sabem copiar? MI5 e MI6. Quanto ao resto do artigo, sobre os alegados "agentes secretos", a fonte do 24 Horas veio do artigo de ontem no 'The Sun' - conhecido tabloide pro-McCann, portanto está história pode ser inteiramente inventada. Mais uma coisa, se não for inventada será que estes pseudo-agentes secretos/reformados tem alguma legalidade para investigar em Portugal? Não, de acordo com o Código Penal. E será que mais uma vez o Ministério da Justiça vai fechar os olhos à ilegalidade de detetives privados andarem a atemorizar testemunhas que constam do processo, como aconteceu no caso dos espanhóis da Metodo3?

  13. Ao Gonçalo Amaral não o deixaram descobrir tudo sobre o caso Madie. O seu livro não deve contar tudo o que sabe. Mais altos interesses se sobrepuseram. Já agora que se clarifique quem foi o Ministro que recebeu luvas no caso Freeport. Será que os Ingleses estão a entrar na "lei das compensações" ? Arquiva tu que eu também arquivarei ?

  14. Brian Kennedy must have strong reasons for supporting the McCanns. He is not a known philanthropist, not many double glazing salesman are! But he is also a 'Jehovahs witness', an odd sect which has nothing in common with the medical profession, refusing blood transfusions even to save their own children...and lets not forget Gerry McCann (uncrowned Father of the year 2007) is a cardiologist!

  15. There is no way the McCanns want the investigation re-launched! They want a fruitless earch perhaps, but not an investigation - as it would have to start with themselves...after all Kate McCann has over forty questions still lto answer.

    How these 40 questions can be ignored by the UK press I'l lnever know!


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