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Mendes Bota says there is persecution of Gonçalo Amaral

«Gonçalo Amaral has been a victim of a discredit campaign that has international contours». 

Who defends him is Mendes Bota, leader of the PSD Algarve who presented the book by the former PJ inspector 'The Truth of the Lie', about the Maddie case, which took place yesterday [24th January] at the Library of Loulé.

Mendes Bota considered that Amaral has been a victim of  “a campaign of misinformation that has lasted for more than a year and which has sought to discredit him” and he spoke of the “powerful forces which are behind this.”

Mendes Bota's words referred to the closing of the Maddie case and the removal of Gonçalo Amaral from the process.

However, the leader of the PSD Algarve, in an allusion to the candidacy of the former inspector for the municipality of Olhão, said that he noticed that “there has been the expression of public opinion, in the media - particularly commentators – that do not recognize to Dr. Gonçalo Amaral the right to exercise citizenship like any other person”.

“I do not know if the commentators are organized or not, but they converge in a flow called by someone who knows what he is doing and what he intends”, he added.

Asked if the campaign against Gonçalo Amaral extends to the Social Democratic Party, Mendes Bota said that he believes that "there are people from all parties."

In relation to a possible pressure from the British Prime Minister for the name of the former inspector not to be approved as a candidate to the City Hall of Olhão, by the National Policy Committee of the PSD, Bota said he had no idea, since he does not investigate “the activities of the British Prime Minister”.

Previously the words of Manuela Ferreira Leite [Social Democratic Party Leader] to the RTP, when she affirmed that the candidacy of the former inspector will be rejected by the Social Democratic Policy Committee, did not deserve a comment from the leader of social democrats in Algarve because “what had to be said has been said and certainly there will be more things to say.”

Although he appeared to be evasive on the subject matter of the candidacy of Gonçalo Amaral, Mendes Bota said that “the proposal for the candidacy followed today [yesterday] by mail to the National Policy Committee” "and that “there is a course of action that is being followed”.

Bota also mentioned that he has nothing to say about the position of the District Commission of the PSD, which suggested to the Policy Committee to reject the candidacy of the former inspector, ensuring that the “District Commission is not empowered to take any decision”.

The support of Mendes Bota to Gonçalo Amaral remains. “I exercise the rights and responsibilities in what is confluent with the interests and wishes of Gonçalo Amaral, but I can not overcome my competences”, stated the President of the PSD Algarve.

Gonçalo Amaral refused to speak with journalists, saying that he is not in campaign and that to comment about his candidacy in that place would be 'rude'.

Source: Barlavento, 24 January 2009


  1. so where exactly does Gordon Brown fit in? Whats in it for Brian Kennedy? Why during a meeting of both Prime Ministers were both freeport and the Maddie case discussed? Why was G Brown accused of "a favour for a favour" after this meeting? I know I read this somewhere. Something stinks and this time its not cuddlecat.

  2. There has been persecution, unwarranted interference, and snide denigration of Portugal, the Portuguese Government, the Portuguese Police and the Portuguese People from the beginning of Affaire Tapas. It has never stopped.

    For how much longer do you, the Portuguese People, intend to put up with this? The English People will be rid of the malign Scotch influence at the next election. YOU do not have to wait that long.


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