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New statements from Leonor Cipriano are "lies"

Former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral today classified the statements that change the initial deposition made by Leonor Cipriano, who now holds the uncle responsible for the little girl’s death after a failed plot to sell Joana, as “lies”

Gonçalo Amaral led the investigation into the disappearance of Joana when he was the head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) in Portimão.

The former PJ inspector was speaking to journalists at the entrance to the Court of Faro, where today was held another session of the trial of the case of alleged aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, in order not to interrupt the production of evidence.

Today, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer delivered the Public Ministry an eight-page-long document that had been signed by his constituent, in which Joana’s mother reveals new facts concerning her daughter’s disappearance.

In the new version of the facts, Leonor – who remained silent while she was tried over the death of her daughter – says that her brother, João Cipriano, convinced her to sell the little girl to a couple, a deal that went wrong and culminated in the death of Joana, then aged eight.

In the document, Leonor states that she didn’t kill Joana and that the confession that she made to the Polícia Judiciária happened because she signed what “they wanted”, not even reading what it was and only finding out “later”.

“The lady [Leonor Cipriano] is declared a psychopath”, Gonçalo Amaral said, adding that the fact is that Leonor was condemned over her daughter’s death and that everything else “are lies that are going around”.

Gonçalo Amaral, who in this process is being tried over the crimes of false testimony and omission to denounce, considered that what happened to Joana was “horrendous” and that Justice worked “because they [the mother and uncle] were condemned”.

In the document that he delivered to the Public Ministry, Leonor’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, requests the opening of an inquiry to identify the persons that wanted to buy Joana and to recover the little girl’s body.

In the deposition that was dated Thursday and signed at the Prison of Odemira, where Leonor is under detention, the little girl’s mother mentions that she made a pact of silence with her brother, who buried the body “in the hills” of Figueira, near the village where Joana disappeared from.

According to the facts that are described in document, the girl died outside the house, after her mother sent her on an errand to a nearby pastry shop and her uncle picked her up in order to deliver her to the couple who was going to buy her.

“He would deliver Joana to that couple as soon as she returned home from shopping, but without coming in”, the statement reads, with Leonor adding that she only saw her brother again one and a half hour after she sent the little girl out on the errand.

João Cipriano returned without the promised money from the deal, and Leonor later noticed a speck of blood on the trousers of her brother, who ended up confessing that the little girl had died after he lost control over himself.

After hearing the alleged discussion between the uncle and the couple, Joana understood that she was “going for good” and not on a holiday to Spain as they had initially told her, and threatened to tell the whole truth.

At that moment, the uncle slapped her in the face, under protests from the girl that allegedly made him lose control and culminated in her death; the body was then hidden in order to be “disposed of” later on, the statement reads.

In statements to the journalists, Gonçalo Amaral said that the indicia that were collected by the police in Leonor’s house (photos and the visualisation through ultraviolet) allow for the child’s death at home to be reconstituted.

“The little girl died clutching the door, it can be seen [through markings that could be visualised with ultraviolet] that she collapsed, from the markings of her hands and of her face”, the former inspector stressed, classifying the scenario as “horrendous”.

Joana’s mother and uncle have been condemned by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years in prison each, over the crimes of homicide and concealment of the child’s cadaver.

The next session of the trial of alleged aggressions against Leonor by the PJ inspectors is scheduled for Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Court of Faro.

source: SOL, 16.01.2009


  1. This is a horrendous story. A young life is lost, she will never grow up, never become a teener, never fall in love and never have children.They did not allow her to live.She had no rights.
    Nobody helped her.Mother and uncle willing to sell her, in order to make money.This mother is more than unstable.She is insane.But she got to stay in jail till the end of the world.She does not diserve freedom. She's a monster.

  2. This new statement has Team McCann imprinted. "Pact of Silence" and the sudden revelation of a mystery couple wanting to buy the child. Aragao already hints that Madeleine could have been taken by the same couple.
    How come that every normal person can see this but the portuguese judicial authorities allow this farce to develop ever greater fantastic excrescences. UNBELIEVABLE!!!


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