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Public Opinion was Manipulated in the Maddie Case

"The most natural thing is that a person who has had a child, a dear one, anyone missing, prefers to be surrounded by policemen and persons who technically help them to search, and not to look, for example, for a priest and right afterwards an image advisor. These are basic, fundamental issues. This worry (by the McCanns) leads us to think a very fundamental thing: beyond the possible disappearance, there were other accessory preoccupations and those became preponderant"

"O mais natural é que qualquer pessoa que lhe tenha desaparecido uma criança, um ente querido, seja o que for, prefira ter a sua volta polícias e pessoas que tecnicamente as ajudem a encontrar e não procurarem, como por exemplo, um padre e logo a seguir um assessor de imagem. Estas são questões de base, fundamental. Esta preocupação (dos McCann) leva-nos a pensar numa coisa muito fundamental: para além do eventual desaparecimento, havia outras preocupações acessórias e essas ganharam preponderância”

Paulo Sargento Full Interview. All rights reserved. Exclusive interview of Duarte Levy with image of Joana Morais.

Translation to follow


  1. Thank you, Joana.Unfortunately the sound on the video is noisy.I will wait for the translation. Somethings I could understand well. An intelligent man and obviously very humble.With his great capacity, he could promote himself to Paulo General, instead continuing using the name Sargento.

  2. Joana,sorry, the noise is not your video.It's my computer. I will get a new one next Saturday.

  3. Joana, o video com o Paulo Sargento está engastalhando.


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