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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

“The disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the English three-year-old child that was on holidays in Lagos, “is a very badly told story”, a source at the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão told DN. The statement reflects the authorities’ doubts concerning the “confusing” depositions that were made by witnesses throughout the day, yesterday.”

in: Diário de Notícias, May 5, 2007


  1. From the same article: "... órgãos de informação ingleses avançaram a ideia de que o apartamento teria sido arrombado. Contudo, os responsáveis do aldeamento e a GNR garantem "não haver quaisquer indícios de arrombamento".

    The media campaign had already started...

  2. Joana, I always wanted to read this story on the DN and I never found it.Thank you. BBC Panorama talks about it,"a badly told story".Often we read about the presence of the British ambassador in Praia da Luz but are there publications about the role of the British Consul in Portimão?Did the McCanns visit him often, was there a close contact with him?I would expect the consul to be very much present in their lives, as a bridge to the UK and I would expect to see him on one of the videos.I saw everybody, including Brown, except for him.The only thing I know is that there was a consul who retired on 01 of August 2007 and left Algarve and Portugal.

  3. I wonder whether the journalist, back then, was aware of the fact that he was giving his article a title that would, ultimately, become an omen in this case. "A very badly told story" indeed... The truth may, or may not, emerge some day, but this perception of a poorly constructed tale will never leave us. Or at least those who have the privilege to look a bit further than the 'official' truth as promoted by the McCanns and the subservient British media.

  4. Very appropriate. Premonitory.

  5. Thank you Astro,

    I've been looking for this. Is there a translation of this anywhere?

  6. To Anonymous @ 20.05,

    Please drop me an email if you don't mind, I'll send you a translation in return.

  7. Re-reading some parts of Amaral's book, I notice again that the last week of July and the two first ones of Augst( I think) were the most critical ones of the investigation.Very many things happened nearly at the same time.July 24th Gerry came back from Washington, July the 30th arrival of the dogs,August the 1st retiring of the consul in Portimão and arrival of McCanns'friend(cameraman) in Luz,picked up by Gerry,

    August the 2nd, evening, unexpected search of the PJ at McCanns villa, August 3rd trip to Huelva, dogs in apartment 5A,August 6th dogs and the Renault Scenic.There was a scent of death in Kate's blouse and trousers.Did that scent happened on May 3rd or between July 24th and 31th?No scent in Gerry's clothes or are the PJ hiding this, keeping it for later?In the villa, the cuddle cat had a rosary around itself, there was a cucifix in front of Maddie's picture, a picture of a saint in front of another picture of the child.I'm Catholic and I know what this means.How I hope Mr. Bennett will confirm the answer!


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