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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

“The local policeman was doing very little. The area was not cordoned off for hours and hours. Kate and Gerry [were] frustrated at the lack of activity. [The police] tried to downplay the enormity of it and said Madeleine had perhaps wandered off. That is the most ridiculous suggestion.”

Philomena McCann, Madeleine's aunt, in: The Sunday Times, May 6, 2007


  1. This woman is endlessly funny.

    No sign of a break-in, an unlocked patio door, a child left unsupervised... what was the police supposed to think?!

    There FACT that the McCanns and their friends sent everyone searching the surroundings of the Ocean Club is precisely an OBVIOUS sign that the child could very well have left by her own means.

    Abduction, abduction - why would anyone SEARCH for the child in the surroundings of the Ocean Club if the child was abducted? Or was the abductor supposed to be the village idiot, who took the child for a walk on the beach???

    Given the scenario that the police was confronted with, it was the MOST NATURAL conclusion that the child could have gone out on her own. Nobody would reasonably think otherwise.

    Except, of course, for those who looked around the room and very soon suspected that the 'crime scene' had been specially prepared to look as such.

    But that's another story.

  2. Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia da Luz and anyone who doesn't believe this is pure evil. This blog is evil you will go to hell when Madeleine is found you will go to hell Joana and Astro

  3. When the police, in their eyes, are not doing much, the family criticises them a lot.
    When the police do a lot, showing videos with the British dogs, they are also criticised because they say those tests are not reliable.

    When are they finally going to criticise Amaral's book?
    I still did not hear a word about it.

  4. Hi anonymous,

    I blog on this site, I am not dull enough to fall for the abduction theory so it looks like im going to hell. Cant wait to party down there with the tapas nine they sound like their having great fun with not a care for anyone. Ok then, see you down there.

  5. i dont believe the abduction story so i must be pure evil and going to hell also....i think not, im a mother of five and would never ever leave my kids alone in an apartment ,ive been to portugal spain greece etc and always always my kids have come out with us in the evenings never would i in a million years have left them asleep in one of them holiday apartments and i dont know a person that would,,,,,,but yes i must be pure evil right

  6. Anonymous at 8:15 : If Astro & Joana are pure evil for caring enough to continuously inform us of the meanders surrounding the developments in Madeleine's disappearance then you must be the village idiot for slurping up the misinformation provided by the media and which once dissected as Joana and Astro are dissecting, show serious inconsistencies between the statements made by the parties in this saga and the actual facts as per the Portuguese PJ Documents released.

    Try using your brain instead of attempting to scare people off using God and religion. God is not on the side of evil, He is on the side of Madeleine and those actually seeking justice for her. Those involved can spew all the venom they want. In the end it is the God you are threatening others with that will get them. From him, they can run...but they certainly cannot hide.

  7. To the anonymous who is sending Joana and Astro to hell with anyone else who does not believe the abduction charade. What evidence have you got it was an abduction? There is none, very much the opposite. I wonder who has been contaminated by evil thoughts, those who want the truth, or someone like you who does not to accept the truth. Whom are you defending? Criminals?

  8. How happy we are with you in Paradise, Joana and Astro.
    We all watch you both every day and every night, from our clouds.
    We know you both are fighting for justice and we know that you both will live very long and healthy.
    We promise you you will see the victory of Justice.
    With much love,
    in the name of all angels,

    Gabriël, the fighter

  9. """"""On January 12, Anonymous said...
    Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia da Luz and anyone who doesn't believe this is pure evil. This blog is evil you will go to hell when Madeleine is found you will go to hell Joana and Astro""""""

    so.... I d'ont believe that Madeleine was abducted !
    so.... I'm going to hell !
    so.... WHERE MUST I ATTEND THE BUS ?????????????????????????
    so .... you should advise devil, that a LOT OF PEOPLE IS ARRIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE want facilities suitables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol, lol, lol, lol

  10. Madeleine McCann was abducted from Praia da Luz and anyone who doesn't believe this is pure evil. This blog is evil you will go to hell when Madeleine is found you will go to hell Joana and Astro.

    CONGRATULATIONS...........you have just won 1st prize for the most pathetic excuse of 2009, please collect your prize from the devil on your next visit, now allow me to laugh some more at you.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. I've just found out that I'm pure evil, well, I must be as I have trouble swalling the Mccann abduction theory. My only comfort is that I'm not alone, many do not either, there's a long list of people who contemplate other scenarios, with the portuguese (and at some point also the british police) at the very top of it. There is although someone who might be able to change my views on the case, it is Kate McCann! Why? Well, she said in a tv interview that she had no doubts, from minute one, that Madeleine was taken!Why? Because she knew, ermm...she knew how she had left the room, and she knew because of the way things were when she went to do her check. The funny thing is that she did not elaborate on that, excusing herself with the secrecy law and the arguido status, even though both she and Gerry, and many relatives and friends had no qualms telling "the
    world and its dog" about broken or open windows, jemmied shutters,curtains floating in the draft,etc.,cuddle-cat carefully placed out of Maddie's reach and so on. So much for respecting the secrecy law...
    As everyone knows, Kate and Gerald are no longer muzzled by any law or criminal status, so why not speak up and reveal that vital detail that could confirm once and for all beyond all doubt that her daughter was taken by someone? It would be an invaluable means of silencing the "ludicrous, unhelpful and hurtful" theories of suspicion on them, of accidental death, conceallement of the body, etc. Does that piece of evidence really exist?If it was so evident,wouldn't they have made sure it was preserved and pointed out to the police? Why did they allow everyone inside the apartment, trampling about, touching and moving things, contaminating any possible evidence?
    Judging by the silence one must think it never existed...but if by any chance it was there, why did only Kate notice it, why did the police not see it? Maybe because it was no longer there when the police arrived, was it a ransome or a threat note,was Madeleine taken by someone known to her and her parents, or maybe( I'm going to be silly now) Kate sprinkled the floor with flour and found the "abductor's" footprints on it? The only big thing I can think of is they knew right away the identity of the abductor and they couldn't afford to let it be known.
    To finish, about the matter of cuddle-cat, high shelves or ledges, AND in whose bed did Madeleine sleep in:- in the pictures I've seen there was no place that would really be out of Madeleine's reach in her room, BUT, there were some high shelves in her parent's bedroom. In another interview, when questioned about the decision of leaving the children alone, Kate says something in the lines of:- ...is it right for someone to caome into your house and take your child out of YOUR BED?
    In which room and in whose bed was Madeleine sleeping on the night of May 3rd? In her bed near her siblings, or in her parents bed?

  12. Esta criatura mal-educada e mentirosa foi/ é cúmplice neste terrível crime.
    Is this creature a teacher?Is she teaching the future english men and women? Oh my God!!! I'm so sorry for you all.
    Her day will come.Wait a minute, maybe seeing herself in the mirror everyday is already a severe punishment. That's why she's always so bitter.

  13. Now look Philo knows what is and is not ridiculous, that is obvious you only have to look at the woman. She knows the predatory facts because she got called by Gerry no less from his mobile almost immediately following the predatory facts on at least two occasions. He gave her the facts and then completely forgetting those facts about 5.30 am he and Kate went searching for Maddie, just in case he got his facts wrong and even though absolutely certain he got his facts right. The fact is the poor McCanns had been very busy praying on their mobiles and then thought they should further establish the facts. You should be aware Gerry McCann is a man who only deals in hard facts and hard cash.

    Philomena again demonstrated her certainty about the facts when she advised the British media that Kate had been offered a deal by the PJ to confess. Yet another example of the PJ doing very little. The fact Kate’s lawyer was forced to deny that the next day is nothing to the point, Philomena was giving us the facts.

    Then we started to get the facts from Gerry’s other sibling John and I would submit those versions of the facts were every bit as reliable. Even though the hapless PJ’s were clearly not involved in any sort of activity, the McCann family themselves were very active, even you could say hyperactive. They got the facts in the British newspapers within two hours of the predatory facts. Indeed they cordoned off the facts and in no way could be accused of downplaying them.


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