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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

Jenni: And how will you deal with the guilt that will probably stay with you forever of having left Madeleine alone?

Kate: Well, I have actually come to terms a little bit with... with that, Jenni, I mean, you know... I know the, errm, I know the situation that we were in that night and uh, I've said all along, I didn't feel I was taking a risk. Errm, yeah, I... I do feel desperately sorry I wasn't with Madeleine at that minute when she was taken.”

Kate McCann, in: Woman's Hour on BBC Radio Four, August 8, 2007


  1. How on earth anyone ever comes to terms with abandoning one's children, with failing them in such a spectacular manner, with neglecting one's most basic responsibilities as a parent...

    Is ANYTHING about these people normal?!

    Are we ever going to know the truth?



  2. Notice that once again she doesn't feel sorry for leaving her children alone night after night, and specially on the 3rd, even after madeleine complained about them not being there when she cried!NO! She only regrets not being there at the specific moment Maddie was taken! What the hell does this mean? What kind of repent or sorrow is that? For "good catholics", these people have an incredible difficulty in making a contrition act!

  3. Stupid, stupid woman! if she had been there at that minute of course Madeleine wouldn't have been taken, the "abductor" wouldn't have risked a fight with Kate! Or maybe there's an hidden meaning to what she said? Shre regrets not being there "at the moment Maddie was taken",why?, because she didn't have a chance to say goodbye, because she miossed the moment when her daughter's body was removed?...

  4. She just "feels desperately sorry" and she " knows the situation that they were in that night".What a strange thing to say!I don't think this would be her answer if Maddie had really been abducted.
    Whatever happened to Maddie happened before the 3rd of May.They did what they had to do, they made their phonecalls, they cleaned everything, they manipulated the creche records and they made a fake timeline.When the 3rd of May came everything was ready and they put their plan in action.But unfortunately that plan wasn't perfect and the men in the Pj(extremely inteligent and experienced) knew from the beginning that something wasn't right.Now it was time for the english government to intervene and stop the invetigation.And here we are, waiting for justice to be done.

  5. Sorry she wasn't there when the child was taken? Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo???
    If she'd been there, the child wouldn't have been taken in the first place?
    What a strange thing to say!
    The only problem is, she wasn't taken, was she?
    Or - she wasn't 'taken' in the way that they mean to convince us she was 'taken'. That much is clear to anyone with half a brain.

    Taken? Taken by God? Weren't you there, Kate?



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