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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

"We will be staying on Portugal for the immediate future and are determined to come home with Madeleine.

Staying in the Algarve also makes it easier to stay in touch with the Portuguese polce, this is particularly important with the investigation being so active. We have regular meetings and calls to keep abreast of developments."

Gerry McCann, in his blog, on 30.06.2007


  1. Talk about a quick change of mind and resolve, eh? What a two-faced little son of a...since day one they complained about and trashed the work of the portuguese police, in private, to friends and family, who in turn readilly spread it to the media.

    a 180º turn

  2. Há um aspecto no complexo de culpa que invade um ser humano que ocultou um corpo, que o impulsiona a ajudar a policia a encontrar o cadáver.
    Este é um fator conhecido pelos criminalistas.
    Talvez seja isto mesmo que Gerry M. esteja tentando como Kate tentou durante a audiencia dizendo que mediuns e paranormais saberiam onde Madeleine estaria enterrada.

    Quem viver, verá.


  3. How nice this hypocrit man sounds on his blog.What a difference between his words on it and what he was spreading around through his family and friends.Yeah, he had to manipulate the British media and he used his family.Now he is asking for attention again, for some reason.What about opening the process, having Amaral as witness? In September 2007 they felt themselves under pressure in Portugal and they went back to England. They must feel under pressure in the UK right now, that's why he went back to Portugal, making smoke around the case.But this does not change the fact they were at least neglect.
    This fact will remain as a sad truth in Maddie's and in their lives.
    And in the process, of course.A thouwsand trips to Portugal will not change anything.
    They will always be the irresponsible ones.

  4. They wanted to be 'abreast of developments' only to check whether the Police had found out they were in it. As soon as they were made arguidos, they left in a rush.

  5. I would laugh out loud if it were not so tragic.


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