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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

“I’m analyzing the process to see if it is worthwhile to give some impulse to the process, that is, to request the opening of the instruction or to advance to a hierarchical superior at the Public Ministry”, Rogério Alves said in Portimão yesterday. The deadline for the instruction in this case ends on September 20.

Rogério Alves, McCanns legal representative in Correio da Manhã on August, 6 2008


  1. Of course nothing happened and nobody expected it.No innocent parents of missing/murdered children want archiving of the investigations.They really get in panics, afraid that the police will forget their child.How many times this happens and has happened.They had the chance to protest but they did not.I believe they felt relieved that it was shelved.To me, it is still a mystery the reason Gerry went to Portugal.He starts showing again how concerned he is about the"abduction". What is behind all this? Amaral's book and Tony Bennett?

  2. Los carritos...

    Com duas fotos,de dias ou momentos diferentes.

    Óptimo meio de transporte também,não é verdade?

    Realmente,eu....olhava mas não via.


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