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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

"It's not about us, you know, we were bobbing back and forwards several times and I wanted to see the kids so.. you know, it's not about us. You know, I think that the problem is it's a predator basically who's been watching us, which gives you the shivers anyway, and broken into the apartment and taken Madeleine out of her bed."

Kate McCann, in: Panorama BBC, on 19.11.2007


  1. 'and broken into the apartment'

    Where is the evidence to support 'broken into'?

  2. Where is the evidence to support 'predator'?

  3. Where is the evidence to support anything???
    Abduction is as credible as the PJs' ridiculous theory.
    In fact, abduction is more credible.
    There are witnesses to that abduction.
    There is no witness to murder and a coverup.
    And no, I'm not 12 years old.
    Don't underestimate reality.

  4. "In fact, abduction is more credible.
    There are witnesses to that abduction."
    Thank you so much for making me laugh in this rainy and cold day.Tell Kate to bring warm clothes and an umbrella, ok?We don't want her to get sick.
    And I think YOU are the one underestimating reality...

  5. "Where is the evidence to support anything???"
    You Know where it is.
    Why do ask something you already know?
    "There is no witness to murder and a coverup."
    Are you sure?

  6. We are talking about a death, perhaps by accident.Not necessarily about a murder.
    Yes, there were witnesses to a child being carried by a man. And don't forget, the person who helped hiding the body, and eventually more than one person in the apartment, at least 2, who knows, and the Smiths from Ireland.You must have read Amaral's book, haven't you?Don't tell us you didn't.As far as I have read, a translator started immediately to translate it and it would have taken him a week-end. And it was very long ago.

  7. Joana, do you know if the PJ gave the whole investigations to the lawyers an to the McCanns to be read or only a part of it?I don't understand about law but I think a part reamins secret because the problem is not yet solved.

  8. anon 09 16/42

    you really are beginning to make a complete fool of yourself.

    Underestimate reality?

    Mothers of missing children do not, in reality, persist in spouting fantasies long after the event of such a hideous crime. Mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment, of course.

    But to persist in a misconception (the break-in theory)so long after the event(19.11.07),
    serves to turn the error into an obvious lie.

    Joana Morais, thankyou for these reflective quotations - they certainly seem to be ruffling a few feathers.


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