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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

"The speculation takes you to the worst places and at that point you know the worst place would have been being charged, potentially being put in jail, certainly being detained to face charges that could have taken I don’t know years to materialise, being separated from Sean and Amelie. These sort of things were going through your mind and you're, because it's a system that you're unfamiliar with, you don’t know what could happen."

Gerry McCann, on ITV1, on 29.04.2008


  1. Joana & Astro... I applaud you for this blog and for all the regular updates - keep up the good work

  2. One can't help but wonder... is he talking about arguido status or


    Is this the explanation for the coverup?


  3. I recall he used the word 'frightening', when discussing his arguido status, before he and the other one fled from Portugal. He therefore came to empathise, too late, with his late daughter's ordeal, in being left on her own, neglected and afraid, night after night.

    By the time of his escape to England, and before being escorted to his home by Special Branch, he had regained his cocky arrogance, sufficient to be able to utter the immortal words 'Find the body and prove we did it'.

  4. Their interview is not full of erms...,erms, humm, cough, cough, hatchim.

    Very different from the last interview in Lisbon, last week.

  5. A clear view into the mind of Gerry McCann and how he faces his worst fears, the thing is innocent parents just would not have these well rehearsed thoughts, would they!

    Joana, I just want to thank you again for such a great place for news, no bias, no favours, just the news!




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