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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'

Kate McCann, answering under interrogation at the PJ in Portimão, on 07.09.2007


  1. Not answering those questions, is a confession by itself.Every innocent parent would do everything to cooperate with the police.She does'nt.She makes too many mistakes when she talks, that's why she must have been advised to keep her mouth.Now that they are not arguidos anymore, they can go back to Portugal as witnesses.And they will be obliged to answer all questions.Mr. Bennett, are you there?

  2. Kate was being framed by the PJ, was she supposed to answer questions that were going to be used against her, like everything else the PJ used against her and Gerry? Madeleine never stood a chance with the bungling PJS who were only interested in covering up the fact that pedos are operating in the Algarve so they don't ruin there tourist industry. The only thing that the McCann's did wrong was that they didn't leave the Algarve immediately and returned to England and sent the English police to investigate Maddies whereabouts. By staying in Portugal and working with the PJ the McCann's lost any chances to recover Maddie.God willing, there new team of top investigators will still be able to rescue her.Hope will never fade and the McCann's will never give up on Maddie.

  3. Astto and Joana you are a cruel pair of vicious people. Leave Kate alone, she is a mother who suffers. You don't have children surely thats why you write these things. I pray to God you never have children because you don't deserve that. Leave the McCanns alone, they are innocent or don't you read your own news???

  4. What a strange mother! She claims her daughter has been abducted and yet, when the police is interrogating her, which is a normal procedure in every country,she remains silent knowing that that attitude is going to jeopardize the investigation.
    And poor Kate, never stood a chance with all these bungling anonymous defending her! Whenever they open their mouths they only make her look more guilty and silly.
    And the pj didn't need to frame her, she and her husband made it soooo easy for the pj to find the culprits.The only reason why they haven't been arrested YET is because your bungling cops and disgaced politicians sabotaged the investigation.
    When the day the pj needs to frame anyone comes, they can ask the english police how to do it because they are experts.
    Now, when is Kate coming?We can't wait to see her here, in our beautiful country.What is taking her so long?Is she bringing cuddle cat?Because we miss him too.
    Don't call her Maddie, she didn't like it!HOW DARE YOU? Kate should sue you! I'm sure she must be feeling outraged and saying:"This is sick and unhelpful and hurtful and...".

    E, queridos anónimos, parece-me que os únicos "pedos" desta história são os que saem da vossa boca de cada vez que vocês a abrem, tá?

  5. Oh,then in your opinion ,dear Anonymous( at 10.39), kate was being framed, so that's the reason why she didn't answer...humm...and what about Gerry? Wasn't the P.J. also trying to frame him too? And yet he DID ANSWER almost the very same questions! Do you think their lawyers gave different advice to Kate and Gerry?( I don't think the real reason he answered was because he got angry and answered out of rage, he's far too cunning and cold for that)
    If they did it's because they felt that Kate would mess things up once she started opening her mouth.

  6. Excuse me, but it is not Joana writting "these things", she isn't making anything up! It all has come from the "horse's mouth", Joana and Astro( THANK YOU) merely inform us and let us all form our opinons on what we read.

  7. Bungling disgraceful cops, yes, that's the british police alright!
    Take a look at Nicolas Bento case, convicted to a life sentence on flimsy and false evidence gatherd by the british police!

  8. Astro and Joana have no need for anyone to defend them , they are well able to defend themselves, but I must say, at least they have the decency and honesty to post all diferent views and opinions from those who read their blog, even ofensive ones. They are not frightened and scared away by any "powers" and threats from shady characters, fortunatelly in Portugal there still is the right to free-speech. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Britain, where all those whose opinions are contrary to the McCanns are silenced by fear of libel actions.

  9. Oh, yeah, where's Cuddle Cat been all this time? Has he fled the Mccann household fearing for his life? Afterall he's a key witness, he knows what happened, if only he could talk( well, maybe he could, in a forensic way, but he got thouroughly washed, just in case...)...
    Or maybe he's been "woosheed clunked" like the mobile phones records...

  10. Anonymou, their problem was not to leave Portugal immediately after the accident?They were scared of the British police, being accused of neglect.Being neglected in the UK is a very serious crime, worse than in Portugal.They choosed for the best for them at that moment.
    And those paedos in Portugal, you sound like Gerry! Why did they take only Madeleine, since 2007?They are so efficient that they could take a child every week.But they don't.They must be still celebrating their efficience in 2007.I remember a video, the couple talking to the media, telling that they were sure Madaleine was being brought up by a couple and that for sure she was well.No word about paedos.At that moment it was better for them to reffer to a loving couple than to reffer to dangerous paedos.Their guilt in the eyes of the public would be much less.

  11. Justice will come for Madeleine as came for Joana and others.
    We must have to have patience, pray and wait.
    One day we will see the true haedline about Madeleine and then we can cry altogether ,scream an be thankful that Justice will be done.
    She will be decently buried by us, the bloggers who loves her.
    Gerry and Kate ,the Tapas 9 and all the liars will not play an important role anymore.

    bye for now.

  12. Well done Joana, keep the pressure on, it's obviously working they have now resorted to posting comments on your blog. Truth will be out soon. Kate cannot live with the guilt.


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