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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

Kate even joked that Madeleine is probably giving her kidnapper a taste of her forceful character.

She said: "Madeleine is such a sociable child, so funny and engaging."

"She has a lot of personality. Her name actually means 'tower of strength'.

"She hated it when we called her Maddie. She'd say 'My name is Madeleine' with an indignant look.

"I bet she's giving whoever she's with her tuppence worth."

Kate Healy, Madeleine's mother in Mirror, August 13th, 2007


  1. As parent, I would feel terrified with the idea my child would be in hands of strangers.Suffering,being beated, no friends to play with( they had to hide her), no doctor coming in case of being sick,depending of a very patient abductor who would tolerate her tears and eventual noise.Getting really ill of home sickness.Screaming for her parents.
    During the Nazi occupation in Europe, it was very difficult to hide children because they were not mature enough to remain quiet.Many of them had a normal life with not-jewish families,believing they were with relatives.How can Kate be that stupid and calm about Maddie's new address?

  2. Is that what she used to do with you Kate? Give you her "tuppence worth", and give you a hard time controlling and dealing with her, hence the need for a relative to be close by most of the time?
    It was suggested to us that Madeleine was "the perfect child", but little details just like that one show a different picture, that she at times could be a hand-full.
    Did she easily make you loose your temper?...

  3. Sometimes children can be very difficult and tiring and parents can loose their patience and temper.If Kate is the one who lost her temper, she must have gotten to a point of complete saturation, at least for some seconds.And it was enough to cause a terrible accident.Unfortunately these things happen all over the world. What does not happen at all in this world is to become millionairs out of the disgrace and death of your child.


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