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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

'According to you, what happened on May 3, 2007?

Madeleine McCann died from accidentally falling behind the sofa in the living room of the apartment. That couch had been moved when the alarm over the alleged disappearance was raised. I think that someone discovered the body, concealed it, cleaned everything up and pushed the sofa to the window.'

Gonçalo Amaral, to Metro, on 11.09.2008


  1. and i would'nt mind betting the poor mites body was hidden in the church, maybe in a small portable refridgerator, the church being the most obvious of places that was never searched by the police, Eddie And and Keela would have had a field day in there.

  2. Keyser,no church. Not at all.The GNR dogs did no conduct the police to the church, that night.Do you think the McCanns would depend on a simple priest?Telling him they had to hide a corpse?Yes, the church could have the role of a meeting point(outside). It was the very recognisible local by the carrying man.I think somebody else, not the priest, was waiting for him there,after have gotten instructions from England.And he took the corpse and left by car.There is a straight long road near the church, going from left to right, I think going to east or north east. That road must get to a main road.From that main road the person brought the child to a privete house somewhere.A church is a public place, too dangerous.Too many people involved.Besides the priest is a Portuguese, not British.How could the carrying man trust him?I believe the person who hid the body is British, and that British protestant minister arrived in Luz some days later.Who is Tapas 10?

  3. Would a fall from the back of that sofa be enough to kill a 4 years old child? Children fall all the time by themselves, 99% of the cases they don't die. Besides, if she bled, she could have cried and heard by the neighbours.And there was a cadaver scent in the closet of the sleeping room of her parents, not only behind the sofa.
    Her body was replaced from a place to the other.And there is scent of cadaver on her red T-shirt, which could mean she was not in pajamas when she died.She could have died before bed time and not yet dressed up to go to bed.Not even taken a bath because after her bath she used to put on her pajamas.If she wore that red T-shirt long enough to get the cadaver scent, she could have died before the twins were bathed and dressed up in their pajamas, because I understood they all 3 took bath together.What happened to the two sheets of the cots? Such an expensive resort without sheets?Maybe somebody of Tapas 7 brought them to the car near the church and the man with the child carried the child?

  4. Strange that the dogs only identified her red T-shirt of Masdeleine's.No trousers, no underwear.Where were they?
    Dirty of something or used to clean up the room? Who took them away?

  5. 1º - Infelizmente,uma queda de pouca altura até pode ser fatal;

    2º - O "transportador"+ponto de encontro= espaço Sagrado+" o enviado"

    Faz sentido.Há histórias que fazem sentido.
    O T 10; a urgência de 1 british padre; o navio da isabel;por água; território internacional.

    Mesmo que por terra. As histórias fazem sentido. E o anónimo que tem a gentileza de a contar(tenho-a lido)penso que deve continuar a insistir em todas "flash back" acerca do infeliz passeio da infeliz Maddie.

  6. What happened lately to the priest, who was so incredible upset for some time?

  7. I think nothing happened to the poor priest. After the McCanns were made arguidos, the Church forbade him to talk about the case and Madeleine disappeared from the site of the Vatican.

    The priest was manipulated by the couple.Who wasn't?
    Anonymous, I don't believe in a boat in this case.Too complicated, the man walking on a dark beach carrying a child. Yes, a car near the church, that is what I believe.
    There is no report of sand in the Renault, no earth, no chemicals to preserve the body.I think she was kept in a freezer.

  8. Let us say that Kate was bathing the twins separately from Maddie at that moment and Maddie was playing around in the living room.Because of the twins and of the water noises, Kate did no hear her falling down from the sofa.By arriving in the room, she saw her daughter dead or dying. But if it was an accident, there was no reason not to call an ambulance and no reason to accuse the parents of neglect: Kate was at home at that moment, she was busy with her children, Maddie was nearly 4 and she understood already a lot of things.An accident can always happen in the room next, in every home.Why hide?
    Afraid of the autopsy?Were there signs of feet or shoes on the back of the sofa?Did she or did she not climb on it?Or was she running away, trying to escape of a punishment, trying to protect herself behind the sofa?As far as I know, autopsies are made in the country where the person dies, before the body leaves it, and it is made again in the country where the body arrives, for the funeral.More afraid of England than of Portugal?
    They can always say terrible things about Portugal, could they do the same to the UK?From the first moment they were afraid of what the UK, their friends and colleages would think about them.They put Tapas 7 in a very bad situation.Most of them got now a bad name, seeing as liers.And except for the Paynes, the rest is not even close friends of the Mccanns.And they were obliged to cooperate with the couple.A horror film.I don't believe they will keep their contact with the McCanns for a long time.
    They must feel guilty about the child and they want to forget what happened.

  9. The carrier of the child must have cheated on the helper.He must have told him that the child got an accident when the couple was away,at the Tapas.He never told the helper that she had not even being bathed, at the beginning of the evening.That's why he delivered the child wearing pajamas, to convince him of the accident during their absence.This helper took also risks and I wonder if he was shocked when the McCanns were made arguidos.
    The British ambassador in Lisbon was, to the point of abandonning his diplomatic carrière.

  10. Given the incidents at dinner and seen and taken note of by another parent in the company that day re Dr Payne suggestive remarks that Maddy was being abused - was this in some way a threat to Gerry McCann that he would be exposed as an abuser of his own daughter? Was Maddy the price to pay for silence to avert a scandal surrounding the possibility of financial ruin of the McCanns? Having just read the online book The Truth of The Lie by Goncalo Amaral I should think it's a possibility.


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