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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

'We actually have a really good relationship with them [the PJ]. They listen to our suggestions as well, which is really kind, because they don't have to, we're not detectives! And they're willing to accept help from people who have offered. I'm really happy with the way things are going.'

Kate McCann, in Marie Claire, on 03.08.2007


  1. Brown intimado........................


    Of course all Polices listen all words!!!!! And they "translate" also very well.

  2. August the 3rd 2007, the day they went to Huelva, 3 days after the dogs checked on the apartment and 2 days after the same dogs checked on their other home in Algarve? Really happy? Some people in this world can be happy with very little things!How thankful the PJ must have been to you,Kate.
    At that moment, they felt already they were suspects and she decided to be nice to the PJ.

  3. Is that, Kate, when you thought you were successfully fooling the PJ?

  4. Unfortunately for the course of justice, the PJ had been 'listening to our suggestions' for too damn long; since 3rd May 2007, in fact. That these suggestions, from the McCanns and their despicable affiliates, were designed to throw the PJ off the scent and pervert and obstruct the course of justice goes without saying.

    Mr Amaral is a conscientious copper, and seems a decent man, no better or worse than the rest of us, but he failed in his duty. The entire Tapas9 - the whole pack of them - should have been taken into custody that first night and kept there until the truth was established. He failed.

    We do not blame the Portuguese. Nothing in your experience could have prepared you for the blizzard of lies, deceit, low-life pressure and general chicanery that hit you on May 3rd 2007 and in subsequent days and weeks. You, the Portuguese, had never come across anything like Tapas Pack in all your lives before. Nor would you want to again, I expect.

    I don't know why your Prime Minister (Socrates?) tolerates being kicked around by Brown et alia, but I do know that Antonio de Oliveira Salazar would not have tolerated it. Not for an instant.

  5. Oh, I miss Salazar! It would have been great to have him around after the disappearence of Madeleine.

    I hope his ghost is visiting the McCanns.
    Sometimes I hate democracy, human rights and laws protecting criminals.

  6. And now, Kate? Are you happy with the way things are going?

  7. King Balduin of Belgium died about 10 years ago of a cardiac arrest.He was on vacation in Spain when it happened.It seems that he was found dead hours after his death-sitting on a bank in the garden.Nobody had noticed it.
    Nobody accused the Queen of being neglect, nobody even thought of that. His body was not concealed and they took it back to his country.Why? because he died of natural causes.The Queen had no reason to hide him.The same interpretation could have happened about Maddie, who was not even dressed up in pajamas and had not even being bathed(T-shirt).In my opinion,a tragic accident can also be considered natural causes, when the accident is not criminal.Probably it was not very much of an accident.Strange the role of the Paynes on that evening.After the story of seeing Kate at 6.30, David just compleetely disappeared from the podium, to a point that I thought, for a long time, that they were the most reliable people of the group: no Eggman, no Murat around,etcThe whole attention went to the others, from the beginning.No word about David.They seem to be one of the best friends of the McCanns'
    The list of checking on children, vomiting children,listening outside windows does not say anything about them.Not only because of the monitor.Possibly they did not want to attrackt attention to themselves.
    They knew it, didn't they?


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