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Translation of Leonor Cipriano's Statement


I the undersigned Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano, inmate number 34 at the Prison of Odemira, today the 15th of January 2009, confess and swear that this is the entire truth that I know about the disappearance of my daughter Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro – that my brother João Manuel Domingos Cipriano convinced me on the day that he arrived at my house in Figueira (in the early morning of the 12th of September 2004) that I had no financial conditions to care for three children, that they would become miserable persons like myself, without a future and without money and without an education. That he knew a couple that couldn’t have children and that he thought they could be a new family at least for Joana, as Laura and Ruben were too small and everyone would suspect if one of them went missing. About Joana they could say that she was abducted, that Joana would be well cared for, by a family that would give her everything, as they had money that he knew them and guaranteed that they were trustworthy, that they would never hurt Joana, that they only wanted a daughter that they couldn’t have. That Joana would be taken abroad and that I could never see her again personally, but that they would do everything to send me news about her and even send some photos of her when she would be grown. That he (João Cipriano) was my brother and that I could trust him, because he also wanted the best for Joana. That they had to invent a story for Joana’s disappearance, because lawfully I couldn’t give Joana away to this couple as an adoptive daughter in this manner, because the law of Portugal didn’t allow it. But that I shouldn’t worry, because Joana would be very well cared for and it would be the best for her future. At the beginning I refused, but he insisted so much that he managed to make me believe that what he was saying was truly the best for my children. That I would receive a financial help so I could look properly after my two youngest children (Laura and Ruben). That everything would be fine, he would talk to Joana to explain to her what was going to happen, everything had been agreed already. I believed and trusted my brother João Cipriano. He arrived on the 12th for that purpose already. I never met any of the persons that he told me would take Joana abroad. But he always asserted me that they were trustworthy and that he would put his hands into the fire for them. He arranged everything for 8 p.m. Then he asked me to fetch Joana shortly after 6 p.m. from the house of my mother-in-law, Maria de Lurdes David. I went, took Joana home and in front of me he told her that she would have a good surprise on that day, because she was about to go on a great trip. Joana was happy, she wanted to know more, but he didn’t reveal a lot of details to her, that she would find out later. My younger children were playing but they didn’t hear anything, because they were in the living room but further away from us. At 8 p.m. I sent Joana to do the shopping at Pastelaria Célia. As soon as Joana left, João placed some of her clothes in a plastic bag, and never returned either with the bag or with Joana. I knew that he was going to deliver Joana to that couple as soon as she returned home from the shopping, but without entering the house. João told me that we both should make believe that Joana had been abducted by strangers. It was only one and a half hours later that I saw João Cipriano again, but he arrived without money, the money that he told me the couple would give me to help my younger children. I asked him what had happened. At the beginning he didn’t answer me, he only said that everything had gone well. It was only later that I saw blood on the lower part of his trousers. I was alarmed. I asked him about Joana. Then he told me that things had not gone well. That the “guys” (citation) didn’t have the money. That Joana knew about everything already, that he had told her that she was going to spend holidays in Spain with a couple that were his friends. That she then heard the verbal fight between him (João) and the “guys” and realised that she was “going for good”. That they didn’t take her because he didn’t give her away because there was no money. That he sent the “guys” away and the Joana started to say that she was going to tell everything. That he slapped her in the face. That she protested even more. That he slapped her again, but she wouldn’t shut up. That he lost control and the girl had died. That the body was hidden for him to dispose of it later. I panicked. But he told me it was no use anymore, that if someone heard me we would both go to jail, because we were both into it. I screamed at him that I didn’t kill Joana, he replied that if I didn’t kill her at least I wanted to sell her. After a big verbal fight, I agreed to say nothing. Later on, he told me that he had buried the body “up in the hills of Figueira”. I was scared. I cried very hard for my daughter. I prayed for her. I know that I didn’t kill her. But I was afraid of being arrested because I tried to sell Joana. I only wanted the best for her. But people might not understand. I decided since then that I never went through any of that, and that I would always say that I didn’t know anything, just like my murderous brother said that he would do. I couldn’t bring Joana back anymore. When I was spanked by the Polícia Judiciária, which is true that I was just like I said at the Court in Faro, I signed what they wanted me to sign, I didn’t even read what it was. I never said anything, I just said what they wanted, what they wrote, which I only found out later what it was. I didn’t kill Joana. Mr Gonçalo Amaral knows that, then why did he order them to spank me? Why? Why am I in prison for the murder of my daughter Joana? Why? I didn’t kill her! It was my brother João Cipriano, the monster, who killed her. The police knows that... Why did they arrest me? I erred, I trusted João, that monster, I regret what I did, but I only wanted the best for my children, for Joana. Forgive me Joana. My beloved, my angel, from heaven where you are, my dear Joana, forgive me.


  1. Planning to deliver the child to other people, to bring het up? Child taken abroad?Making up an abduction story?Better to hide the story because both are involved?
    This sounds very familiar but I can't remember what.




  3. to the FOOL who seems to think that Madeleine will return to her "loving " parents,

    Are you senile?? dont answer that.

    Some people just hate reading the truth and dont threaten people with your childish banter,there is more chance of Madeleine returning to her vile parents than you have of putting together a decent argument...

  4. " magnífico",1 belezura, 1 "transtarnadura", 1 tresmalhadura:


    upsssssssss.Nem copio + nada.

  5. FACTS: The investigation was shelved, the McCann's were declared as not suspected of any involvement in their daughters disappearance whatsoever, and there is not a shred of solid evidence to sustain Amaral's wild theories. The McCanns were there, they know what they did or what they didn't do. Their version is as valid as the PJ'S - in fact it's MORE valid, they lost a daughter, they have no reason whatsoever to lie or to deceive anyone.
    There is no evidence to show that Madeleine is dead. Anyone who choses to believe that she is no longer alive, is basing himself on FAITH alone. Faith is not FACT.
    Fact is that the McCanns are innocent until the contrary is proved and Madeleine is still missing.
    No matter how much people like Joana and Astro and Amaral wish she was dead: she's not dead until someone proves it.

  6. "My faith" tells to me, Maddie will not NEVER found.

    and like that, some people will (?)always " not guilty".



  7. Voltei logo de seguida porque,mesmo sabendo que o artigo é sobre a mais recente versão de mais 1 dos depoimentos da ,bem da, já sabem,há alguém por aqui que só fala nos mcs e na INFELIZ MADDIE!

    Servir-se da Joana para continuar a usufruir do que vem de 1 País a 2h e 30.(avião)

    Acho q ando a ter "visões tramadas".


    Obviamente,falemos sempre destas duas Pequeninas,entre tantas,que "desapareceram" tão mal.MAS COM DIGNIDADE POR SERES HUMANOS .
    E é com dignidade que todos os blogues que falam das PEQUENINAS o fazem.


    para "visionário" nem é preciso explicar mais nada.

  8. Dear "THIS BLOG IS EVIL" Anonymous:

    Do you really believe that you can scare anyone?
    You say the blog is being watched and that it will be closed down.So? What are you waiting for? What is taking you so long?

    Can't you say anything else? Anything new? No? Because you sound like a robot...

    And in case you haven't noticed:
    -YOU (Maccann and Co.)are the ones being watched very closely;
    -YOU are the ones already rotting in hell;
    -It is YOUR campaign that will end in misery.

    And if you believe in God you better start praying really hard (although I don't think he will ever forgive you) .
    Your lives ended the day you started to cover up what happened to that little child.Since then, you have only been trying to survive, doing whatever it takes to escape punishment.But you know that everyday becomes harder than the previous one.And unfortunately for you all it will only get worse.

    Vá, criaturinha nojenta, já podes voltar para o teu buraquinho imundo.

  9. There are a lot of anxious people out there. Joana and Astro are simply reporting existing information that the English media are not allowed to report so I don’t see how you can label what they’re doing a smear campaign. The only people who have run a smear campaign are the Mcanns, against the Portuguese police and Portuguese people. The evidence in the case all points to the child having died in the apartment. Now I ask you if you are the police in this case and your main suspects have left the country and you are not allowed to access even the most basic of information such as credit records and it becomes obvious that politicians have gone to extremes to protect the suspects, what do you do? You close the case until a situation arises that permits you to do your work. I don’t understand all the anxiety, is it because elections are at hand, either these people work for the McCanns or they have established a new religion.

  10. To "Facts" Anonymous:

    -Blood in the apartment.

    -15 DNA markers in 19.

    -Cadaver scent inside the apartment,on Kate's clothes and cuddle cat.

    -No one died inside or near the apartment before the Mccanns went there.

    -48 questions asked to Kate Mccan.Just one answered:"Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardizing the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?
    “Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.”

    -No one was willing to take part in the reconstruction.

    -Contradictory statments given by the parents and their friends.

    -No independent witness saw the "abductor".

    -They had until the 20th of September (2007) to re-open the process.They didn't do it.They chose to hire private investigators instead.

    Well it seems the Mccann are not as innocent as you try so desperately to make us all believe.
    In fact, they look guilty as hell!
    No one wishes Madeleine to be dead!Only a very sick and desperate mind could say such a thing.
    Stop making a fool of yourself and go read the investigation DVD.If you have already read it then...ok,I know, you can learn some portuguese.It might be very useful in the future.And if you see your lovely friend Kate tell her that the portuguese can wait to see her again here in our beautiful country.

  11. This article is about the Cipriano case, just in case you haven't noticed, dear Anonymous! What a lovely character you must be...or not!
    I noticed that the hand-writing of the letter is not the same of the signature of Leonor, did she dictate it, or, and I bet on this, someone created it for her and she just signed?
    Also, it is a bit strange to refer to your own brother as " o João Cipriano", why use the surname, does she have any other brother called João?

  12. Dear Anonymous : - Thank God that in Portugal despite what some of the "bangers" munching brits think, that it is a backwards, third-wordly country, we have the right to FREE SPEACH ,our government, with all it's shortcomings has not yet dared to cross the line and try to gag it's citizens or it's media, D-Notices are unheard of around here, unlike what happens in the U.K.!

  13. The hand-writing of the confession is very strange, and different from Leonor's signature. This one shows her true hand-writing, why would she write all those pages in other kind of writing, much more complicated and tiresome to do? That kind of hand-writing, distorted, made to look like it is the writing of someone with little instruction, makes me think it is a fake, that someone else wrote it and was trying to disguise their own hand-writing.
    Is it know if she dictated the confession to someone and only signed it at the end?


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