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Abductions with New Alert System

Missing Children: The Ministry of Justice will implement in March, a warning system of abduction of minors.The objective is to divulge the cases in the shortest possible time and to reach more people.

Televisions and radios are involved in the project

The disappearance of children is going to have an "Abduction Alert", which, through messages send every 15 minutes, will distribute the case and request information. With this system it will be possible to issue alerts about the disappearance in various platforms, from local radio to transport terminals. The implementation should occur by the end of March.

This is a project designed by the Ministry of Justice (MJ) and the Judiciary Police, to create a mechanism for early warning against the abduction of children, necessarily compatible with EU directives.

The objective, now defined, intends to focus in a single message to be disseminated only during the first three hours after the disappearance of the minor.

The protocol of collaboration - in addition to involving the Justice Ministry, the PJ and the Attorney General's Office - previses the launching of a warning every fifteen minutes on local radio stations (which will be broadcasted from the disappearance area from those who will voluntarily join the project, and includes the suspension of the normal broadcasting during this period). The use of the local media will be extended to the printed and digital press - as well as national bodies including the television, when requested, provided that these bodies adhere to the project.

As explained by a source connected to the project, the local media, particularly the radio, will have an important role in this process by allowing, while activated the "Abduction Alert", to "multiply" the number of persons who will be looking for a specific car or other elements which will be disclosed to that region specifically.

Several studies made about the abduction of children show that in the first three hours after the disappearance there is a 90% chance of recovering a child alive, so all efforts will be concentrated in this period of time after which the alarm will be deactivated. The involvement of local radio stations has been high.

The decision of launching the "Abduction Alert" will be made by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) in conjunction with the PJ and "in light of the evidence collected by investigators and the interests of victims", explains the protocol that provides a warning message of local or national dimension.

An "Abduction Alert" will only be released by the "Office of Crisis" in a case of abduction or kidnapping and not of a parental abduction or simple disappearance. The decision which, for being a case of an early warning, will require an immediate decision on the degree of importance of each case. It will be possible to divulge information such as the name, the description of the clothes and the physical appearance of the minor, as well as the make, model and even the license plate of any vehicle suspected of involvement with the disappearance.

Source: Diário de Notícias

Here is an example of what to expect for an "Abduction Alert" - In French

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