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Aragão Correia Needs a (British) Dog

According to today's 24 Horas Marcos Teixeira da Fonte Aragão Correia (the mediunic lawyer's full name) needs a dog to find Joana's cadaver. This time he complains that there are no Portuguese dogs trained to find the scent of cadaver, and demands that an ERVD dog (trained to detect cadaver and blood scent) is brought from England.

Mr. Aragão Correia affirmation of Portugal not having dogs specialized in finding cadaverine scent is a direct contradiction of the statements given by the presidents of two associations of dogs used in search and rescue, which have assured that there are animals in Portugal capable of doing a job similar to the British dogs [Eddie and Keela, woof, woof] used in the disappearance of the British girl Madeleine McCann.

Nuno Lima, the president of the Cinotechnics [operational K9 units] Association for Search and Rescue [Associação Cinotécnica de Busca e Salvamento] stated that their association has 12 dogs trained to detect cadavers, seven were at the time (2007) in formation. "Our dogs could have done the same job [of the British dogs], but I am not completely inside the details of the investigation," he added.

Nuno Lima also assured that these dogs have been trained to signal cadaver odour until after two months of the death of a person.

"There are dogs for cadaver and human fragments that have a preparation as good as of those abroad," he insisted.

Rui Silva, the president of the Portuguese Association of Dogs for Search and Rescue [Associação Portuguesa de Cães de Busca e Salvamento], stressed that the dogs trained to signal cadavers are prepared to distinguish the presence of various body odours and can detect blood, urine or gases present in the cadavers.

In the training for the detection of human cadavers, pork carcasses are used to train the dogs for real situations, being the pig the animal with has the body composition more similar to humans. They also use a chemical substance which simulates the cadaverine odour since “ The Portuguese Law doesn't allow for the use of real human cadavers in the training of the dogs”.

The dogs signal the presence of dead bodies in two different ways: with an active marking, like barking, or with a passive, when the dog just sits and wags the tail.

In total, both associations have 146 dogs for various types of operational searches and another 100 still in training. More than 50 dogs are prepared to work in the water [finding cadavers in water like in the case of Entre-Os-Rios], 62 in ruins/rubble (like after earthquakes), 12 in finding cadavers odour and 30 in large areas such as forests and woods.

Both associations offered their services to the Judiciary Police of Faro, for free when the searches were made to find Madeleine's cadaver. "We offered our help, we could have done the work for free. We do not charge for the use of our dogs, but we had no response," said Nuno Lima at the time. The coordinator of the PJ of Faro, Guilhermino Encarnação, didn't accept that help affirming that there are dogs in Portugal “trained to detect cadavers, to detect the physical corpse in one place, but if the body is moved of one place to another, those dogs (specialized in finding the scent of cadavers) we don't have”.

It appears that our favourite lawyer didn't do his home work, or maybe he did but doesn't recognize the established know-how of the dogs trained by two widely recognized associations.

Last week, after another version surfaced, this time with Leonor Cipriano blaming her brother João of murdering her daughter Joana and hiding the girl's cadaver somewhere around Figueira, Aragão Correia and a friend, used a labrador dog to search the cadaver of Joana Isabel Guerreiro Cipriano in some abandoned houses in that area. The exact same area which according to the PJ, was thoroughly searched and where nothing was found.

Marcos Aragão Correia, stated that the searches were limited to five houses, and then questioned :"It is necessary to search in all of them. In the Maddie case a dog was brought from England to search for evidences against the parents. Why they don't do it now to find Joana's body?"

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry determined the archival of Leonor Cipriano eight pages letter where she accuses her brother, João, of murdering Joana.


  1. Bom dia,J. e A.

    Por favor! Tenho por hábito logo de manhã dar a volta aos blogues de confiança e aos jornais.

    Mas aqui de vez em quando apanho cada susto. Esta 1ª foto é tão,tão......grrrr.
    Mete medo ao susto.
    o ser mediúnico não para;sai-se com cada uma...sempre pior que a anterior.

    As 8 pág., arquivadas......e que peça £ para virem os british dogs,the experts.

    Pobres cães.

  2. As far as I understood it, there were no dogs in Portugal able to localize cadaver odour at that time.Also not human blood.Maybe the PJ asked for British dogs to show the British authorities and British public that the Portuguese police were sincere and serious with the investigations.Britain believes only in their own capacity.They doubt about the rest of the world.It would be a good idea to work together with Spain, the same dogs, and to exchange them when necessary.
    A country in Europe does not need a cadaver dog every day.And there is a good chance that the mother and uncle of Joana's are lying about Figueira.Can you imagine if, searching for Joana's body in Figueira, the PJ would find Madeleine's?

  3. This looks like no more than yet another attempt to discredit Amaral. I hope Amaral and Bennett are progressing in their attempts to give the world the truth about the Madeleine McCann case. God bless them in their efforts.

  4. That has crossed my mind Virginia, specially after taking in consideration that this lawyer works with a certain goal in mind. But, from the previous acts and attitudes of all the characters involved in Joana's death it's most likely that this is just another publicity stunt to disseminate information to delay the progress of the Court trial, and is as well a sensationalistic way of keeping Leonor Cipriano and the psychic lawyer on the news.

  5. OH,oh! You're in big trouble Marcy boy! Don't uou know that your master Gerry M. considers those pooches findings rubbish, that they are worthless and unreliable?
    How are you going to explain your request to Master G.? In trusting and using this kind of dogs you will be contradicting him, big sin, big sin...Brace yourself for a big told-off...

  6. Like Virginia said, the choice of british dogs was a gesture of good-will from the P.J. to the british, as was the choice of a british lab to do the DNA tests, but this time it was the worste choice ever.
    To this day I cannot understand why all that vital evidence was placed solely in british hands! Why not do it in 2 different labs? Costly I know, but much more secure.

  7. Whow, it has just hit me! Can this a cunning plan to "accidentally" find Madeleine's remains? After all this time it would be very difficult to establish how and when she died...it could always be argued that the "abductor" killed and disposed off her. This if her body is still in Portugal, I have a feeling it was removed out of the country early on...

  8. why does this Lawyer needs a dog to search for this litle girl if he has "special powers" to find out, and in the Mccann case the dogs were wrong, so why pay so much money for a dog to come do "nothing".
    Este advogado, que se diz ter poderes especiais, porque precisa de caes como no caso Mccann, se segundo dizem, os caes Ingleses estavam errados, entao porque gastar dinheiro pra nada pois eles nao vem fazer nada, pois eles "nao prestao"


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