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Cipriano Case: Another Arguido

Today the [absurd] trial of the 5 Judiciary Police Inspectors returns to Session

The sub-chief of the prison guards, who guaranteed that the prison director of Odemira had suggested an alteration in the report on the alleged aggressions made to Leonor Cipriano was constituted as an arguido in a disciplinary process.

by Marisa Rodrigues

Initiated by the General Directorate of the Prison Services, this process originated in the statements given by António Maia during the trial of the five Judiciary Police Inspectors, which will return today to the Court of Faro.

Currently working in Silves, the former former sub-chief of the Odemira prison guards was heard as a witness in October [Court session of 28 of October 2008] last year.

As he was questioned by the lawyer [António Cabrita] of the arguido Gonçalo Amaral, he said that the mother of Joana explained that the excoriations she had on her face were the result of "fall off the stairs" inside the premises of the PJ in Faro as a consequence of a "dizziness" after a day of questioning, in 2004.

"Do you believe this is correct? Do you think she fell off the stairs? Wasn't it torture?", asked Ana Maria Calado, director of the establishment, while reading the report. Before the court of jury, António Maia stated he did not alter the document.

The JN knows that Ana Maria Calado has been an object of an inquest process, which was eventually shelved.

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