1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Dictionary Freeport : Portuguese Stew

"According to Socrates, any news on the Media" about the Freeport case "is a libel"

Freeport the strange case 'is full of mysterious words. I will try to decipher the hidden meanings of some of them.

by Domingos Amaral

Electoral Year - Season exhibit of the saga 'Freeport'. The first series was in 2005. In 2009 we have 'Back to Freeport' with new faces, more fanfare and a more dense intrigue.

Slander - According to Socrates, is any of the news media about the 'event'. Even if it is a judicial investigation.

Letter rogatory - A fun hobby where the British and the Portuguese investigators are entertained, sending them to each other, without response.

Private area - Gives a grand and half-hidden idea from reality, but in fact it is the personal computer of José Sócrates.

English - Extremely dangerous investigators, who have the nerve to want to investigate the finances of our rulers, but who in three years did not add much to the Portuguese investigation.

Hidden - Interests secret that, according to Socrates, are seeking to destroy its credibility. Obviously, in any case you should not think that it is the PSD, as its vice president, Antonio Borges, has already said that there is no reason to dismiss Socrates, and that he does not want to hear about early elections.

Cousins - In fact, are not cousins, but half-cousins. It is a significant inaccuracy, if there is a need to use the DNA.

Smith & Pedro - Contrary to what one might think, is not a brand of Anglo-Portuguese guns. However, some say it is two gunmen, quick to pull the trigger and sought throughout the American West.

Suspects - Anyone who has been near the Freeport in 2002 and has gone to a meeting on the subject.

Uncle - The half-brother of the mother (look at the DNA!). Who likes good cars and offshores. That is, the rich uncle that everyone liked to have.

ZEA - Species of an alien spacecraft, which in pre-election times hovers the Freeport in bold lateral movements, before finally landing at the site chosen by the Government.

50k - The secret code for notes of one thousand British pounds. Used in this way: 'Ya man, for the survey, we need more 50k."

Source: Correio da Manhã

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