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Dr Gerry McCann: How time runs? Thank your for the answers! Comply with the calendar!

by Paulo Sargento*

Dr Gerry McCann’s blog was updated on the 650th day since Madeleine’s disappearance, and 3 months after his last post, the contents of which thanked for more donations that had resulted from an action in Liverpool.

The fact that he recognizes that he’s been very busy is not strange. The opposite would be strange! Nevertheless, I reaffirm the notion that the increasing time lapses between posts, and, while we’re at it, the ASSUMED, I repeat, ASSUMED lesser amount of media coverage may fulfil the purpose that Dr McCann suggests (to work, finally, if not too late, in the shadows, searching for Madeleine so these factors do not disturb) or else, be nothing more than a numbing strategy with the purpose of extinguishing the Maddie phenomenon. Dr McCann will forgive me, but I’m more inclined towards the second possibility. An analysis of the posts’ dates reveal that these may well constitute “replies to messages”. Curiously, it’s also at these times that one hears Mister Clarence Mitchell less frequently. Nevertheless, his intervention, and especially his style, are perfectly recognisable in blogs with posts that are signed by fictitious characters (I would call this counter-information, a well known aspect of espionage).

To recognise that you have a small team working hard, Dr McCann, can only make sense if you want to convey the notion that if more isn’t being done, this is due to a lack of means. Nevertheless, this argument compromises the expenses that are made by the Madeleine fund. Firstly, because if the team is small, the costs indicate that it’s very expensive. Secondly, if it’s very expensive, it’s supposed to be very competent. Thirdly, if it’s so competent, by now it should have reached a different result from what it has reached: NOTHING!

Dr McCann mentions his visit to Lisbon, maintaining the same arguments. He came to meet his lawyer and the English ambassador in Portugal, in order to evaluate what can still be done to discover Madeleine, appealing to a joint effort by the authorities. I reiterate what I have stated in a previous post:

a) You [Mr McCann] do not fully know what has been done, according to your own admission; please do concentrate on that before wanting to know what can still be done;

b) We already know that you have met your lawyer and the ambassador; please do assume that there was a fourth element and do identify him;

c) For a joint effort with the authorities, do convince your friends to carry out the reconstitution of the night of the disappearance of your daughter and do ask Dr Kate to reply to the 48 questions that she left unanswered.

Concerning the joy that the twins are giving you, I must say that it sounds like the most genuine argument that I read in your post. To see one’s children grow is one of the most wonderful things that one can experience. For that very reason, do take them away from the confusion and the pacts. Do you know why they ask about Madeleine every day? Because they fail to understand the concept of death as something irreversible. Because nobody made an effort to translate that concept for them to understand. Because, on the contrary, they try to sustain an illusion that the facts deny, or at least, allow to classify as highly unlikely (I dislike the expression impossible, but I reaffirm the Euromillions metaphor). The Twins suffer a Madeleine “bath” that will intoxicate their existence as persons. Please, do take them out of that “bath” and let them deal with their sister’s loss. They won’t remember Maddie as a person. Allow them to build a comfortable image of a sister they once had, and who will always be part of them, even if she doesn’t return. A good part. Please, do understand this. What the heck, you, apart from being a father, are a doctor!

Thanking you for the answers in your post, the next time please tell us something that we didn’t know yet, instead of just complying with the calendar.

source: Câmara de Comuns blog, 12.02.2009

* Forensic psychiatrist, University professor, commentator, author and blogger


  1. Very well written and, don't forget, written by a psychiater.
    Yes, it is better, much better to tell the twins that she probably will not come back. Or to stop this morbide attitude towards them.
    They have the right to have a normal life.I understand the parents are persecuted by the feeling of guilt, for neglect or worse, but the children don't have to carry this cross. It is enough to have unstable parents, living with fear every moment of the day, which reflects in their home.
    Later, these children can get psychiatric illnesses as a result of this morbide life they have since 2007.Children have a very sharp instinct. Possibly the parents are much more concentrate in themselves than on the twins.
    My advise?
    The truth liberates. The truth relieves.

  2. Once again a wonderful article by Dr. Sargento! I really had trouble understanding why the PSD would miss the chance to win Olhão from the PS, and with a vast majority! Someone really hates Gonçalo Amaral's gutts! He clearly was the man for the job, so one can only start to believe in conspiracy theories...and that reason Ferreira Leite gave for opposing him, of promiscuity between politics and justice, oh please, could it be more lame?!


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