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El Mundo Journalist Arrested for Alleged connections to Drug Traffickers

Nando Garcia, an El Mundo journalist, acknowledged before the judge that he asked drug dealers to borrow him money

(PD)- A judge in Martorell (Barcelona) ordered yesterday the imprisonment - avoidable with a provisional bail of 18,000 Euros - of the El Mundo journalist Nando Garcia, for his connection to a drug trafficking organization.

Nando Garcia gave a statement on the early hours of Friday to Saturday as a suspect for the alleged crimes of fraud, conspiracy and slander. During the questioning, the judge showed him the contents of several emails and telephone calls, which according to various sources imply him in those crimes.

The arrest order was issued at almost four o'clock in the morning. The journalist, who has been suspended from his work and without pay until all the facts are clarified, has to pay 18.000 Euros in the next few hours, to be set free. This is the harshest measure imposed amongst the nine suspects involved for their alleged links with a gang of criminals, which, over last Friday gave statements as suspects.

The session was a marathon. In the early afternoon of the day before yesterday arrived to the court, located in the basement of an apartment block, the lieutenant colonel of the Guardia Civil Alfonso López Rubio.

Lópes Rubio caught on camera

The judge also ordered him into prison, but with a paid bail of 12,000 Euros, he was released. López Rubio tried to escape the cameras, without success, with his brown leather jacket. Security guards prevented the entrance to the building of López Rubio because the judge had not yet arrived. To his misfortune, he had to wait a while on the street.

The judge issued with prison with bail, in addition to a former chief inspector of the National Police Force and a civil guard, and unconditional imprisonment for another of those involved. The remaining four were released, but with charges. *All are being investigated for links with a criminal gang to whom it is attributed the theft of 400 kilos of cocaine in January 2005. The drugs were in a container at the port of Barcelona and under the supervision of the Guardia Civil.

* Read to understand the connections between Metodo 3, Nando Garcia, Marcos Aragão Correia & The McCanns

Madeleine: McCanns' private investigator arrested for cocaine smuggling
The arrest of António Jiménez, one of the private detectives working for the McCanns, showing implications in the disappearance of several hundred kilos of cocaine and corruption of the public civil servants, has served to reinforce the authorities’ suspicions in connection with the agency’s work.

Metodo 3 under investigation in a case of Embezzlement and Money Laundering
Metodo 3, the Catalan detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to find their daughter Madeleine, is quoted today in a large-scale investigation launched by the Spanish authorities to a half-dozen ministries of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Maddie Case: McCanns had Access to PJ's Secret Investigation
A former detective from the Spanish Agency Método 3 guarantees to have had "access to confidential informations" during the investigation done regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. According to the detective, at the origin of this alleged leak is an element of the Judiciary Police who "is protected" by the Directorship of Faro [the Director is Guilhermino Encarnação].

McCanns: Questions That Need Answers
Why were the Barcelona based Metodo 3 investigators, experts of frauds not of missing persons, allowed to do an uncontrolled investigation in Portugal if it is illegal for private detectives to work on cases which are being investigated by the proper Judicial authorities? Given their antecedents, for previous arrests of Francisco Marco and his mum, and the drug trafficking (400kg Cocaine) arrest of one of their detectives who worked between Malta, Morocco and Spain why were they still allowed to investigate in Portugal?

‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral
In the book that he is launching this week, Dr Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who defends Leonor in the process in which Joana’s mother accuses five PJ inspectors of having tortured her, reveals how his facet as a medium became important, namely in the discovery of the truth in the Maddie case, allowing «o Crime» to learn about some data, this far kept under secrecy, about the investigations that were carried out by Spanish detective agency Método 3, stressing the highly likely intervention of secret services and satanic sects in the disappearance of the English girl.

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  1. I've just had a "light-bulb moment", Mr. G. Encarnação is the head of the P.J.Faro, and the "mole" from P.J.Faro, who alledgedly kept the McCanns informed on the police diligences, was a "protegée" of the same G.Encarnação, who in turn talked to the media statting that Madeleine's disappearance was in fact an abduction( see "Quote of the Day", 16th Feb on this blog), when, except for the McCanns of course, no one else in the investigation seemed to be convinced of this! Add to this the strange connections to M3, Aragão C., and other unsavoury characters, what a long string of coincidences, it's like a sausage- link, once the twists are undone all the "stuffing" merges together in a big dirty mess.


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