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Gerald McCann Blog: Where does the time go?

Day 650: 11/02/2009

Where does the time go? I cannot believe it is 3 months since I wrote this blog- not that this seems like the most appropriate term for such a sporadic update. We remain incredibly busy and focussed on the search whilst trying to maintain a near normal life. For Kate and me life without Madeleine does not get easier but Sean and Amelie continue to give us a tremendous amount of joy. Amazingly Madeleine remains a large part of their life and they talk about her daily. We just have to find her!

We have a small team of people working tremendously hard behind the scenes- please do not think that because there is regular coverage in the media that the search has stopped.

I visited Lisbon last month and met with the UK Ambassador and our Portuguese lawyer. We need to explore every way we can work with the authorities to enhance the search for Madeleine.

Thanks to everyone who has sent letters, donations, prayers and words of support. It is all greatly appreciated.


  1. What is it with this McCann and the word 'incredible'?

    Does he know it means 'difficult to beleive'?

    What an appropriate catch phrase for him!

  2. Why 'search' and not investigation? Surely its more important to investigate the beginning of a disappearance tan it is to blindly 'search'?

    Dont they want to investigate how the child came to be missing - surely in that lies the key to her location?

    Is there some reason for this approach?

    I think that perhaps there is!


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