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McCanns: The Charm Operation

"Ano Novo, Vida Nova" *

by Duarte Levy

In Portugal, at the beginning of each new calendar year, the Portuguese, the eternal sardine munchers - as they were described by some xenophobic British commentators - are used to say amongst the best wishes a typical expression “Ano Novo, Vida Nova”, which in English[1] can be translated as “New Year, New Life (*)”. An expression that the McCanns have probably learned throughout the contact with their Portuguese lawyers, as well as with their social-democrat friends.

Furthermore, the recent visit of the father of Madeleine McCann to Portugal is the epitome of an unparalleled charming operation that allowed the couple to open the “hostilities”: after assenting with their seven British friends not to participate in the reconstruction of events and actions of the night of the 3rd of May, the couple has now found the will to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities, affirming that they are convinced that there are still steps that can be made in investigating the disappearance of their daughter.

Reassuring to the Portuguese media that there would be no court cases against them, while in London he was able to once again ‘bend’ a British news daily – forcing it to a “contribution” over to the Madeleine fund - Gerry McCann announced, preparing the next visit by Kate, that this was the be the first of several visits.

A “surprise” visit, previously announced in several British and Portuguese media, that the year 2009, in terms of communication and image, would bring some surprises.

Action - Reaction

Among the new resolutions adopted by the McCanns, who are always very attentive to what is said on the internet (blogs and forums) and in the media, we find the motto “action-reaction”, palpable in the recent “disclosure” of the fund accounts created after the disappearance of Madeleine’s corpse.

After the use of the money of the Madeleine fund to pay expenses of Kate and Gerry McCann, without any direct relationship with the search for Maddie, was addressed on a Portuguese television channel (TVI-[2]), at the top of the TV ranking, the advisers of the couple immediately reacted, revealing a summary of the accounts which does not explain the real destination of the money.

Some might even say that this response was to "pull the rug from under the feet" of foreign journalists, because in the UK, so far few have the opportunity to doubt or to question the good intentions of the couple, as one can conclude in the few published articles about these accounts.

In the UK, despite the limitations imposed by the news editors and the colossal sums paid without trial, some may still write about the McCanns.

According to a British tabloid, after 21 months of “agony” Kate McCann is “consumed with the search for her daughter,” spending three hours a day reading documents with the hope that they can answer one question: “Where is our missing Madeleine?”

Even the title of the article gives a clear inkling of the tone : “Inside the mind of Kate McCann”.The journalist does not explain how he managed such an achievement (to get inside of such a “tortured” spirit), but no doubt the Judiciary Police (PJ) would be interested to know the technique which can lead them to know the answers to the questions that Kate McCann refused to answer, including this one: what did Kate McCann do in the afternoon and in the night of 3 May 2007.

According to this article – a part of the new marketing campaign for the McCanns in the British press - Kate spends a significant amount of her time reading the thousands of pages of the 17 volumes of the investigation to the disappearance of her daughter, the same documents that a few days ago, her husband and the spokesman for the couple, said to be still being translated, but “where there was no clue.”

Still according to the tabloid, after the disappearance of Madeleine, Kate McCann quit her job as a general practitioner and since “the twins Sean and Amelie have fun playing with friends at the nursery,” she devotes her time to “dig up the clues which lead to her daughter.”

The article tells a few more details of this surprising "visit", nonetheless without providing answers to the investigators questions ... we wonder what was exactly that journalist doing “inside the spirit of Kate McCann.” It is probably due to the lack of response that the tabloid completely changed the title of the article.

At three months of the second anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the new charm campaign of the McCanns to the public has well and truly begun, and other similar articles of the British press are to be expected.

[1] In the Original text the expression used is “ce qu’en français on peut traduire par "nouvelle année, nouvelle vie”

[2] TVI afternoon talk show with guests speakers psychologist Paulo Sargento, journalist Hernâni Carvalho and journalist Duarte Levy, broadcasted 21 January 2009

Source: SOS Maddie


  1. Hi! Joana
    Always a pleasure to come around your place y si...continuara.
    The thing is that I am 100% sure they read everything and the problem is we should not blog anymore as to NOT give them any clue....but never mind,they can do what they want:their fall will be soon enough.
    Did gerry go to portugal to strike a deal? the insistance to say he went for an Un-official visit to official people....err...Yesyesyes...we believe you

  2. Hola Jo. They can read, they can monitor, they can menace, they can try to manipulate the public opinion but they don't fool us.

  3. I did a search for "Madeleine McCann" today, the first time in a long time, as I tend to now read this blog for updates, so as not to raise my blood pressure reading the BS from the Brit rags.

    The Sun is reporting that for the McCann twins' fourth birthday, there will be presents from their dear sister Madeleine. Is that sick, or what?

    If the truth is ever allowed to be confirmed about the death of their sister, this will be another item in a long list that those two children will shake their heads in disbelief about.

  4. Joana, you are a brave young pretty woman, who got the courage to fight for justice for the little
    lonesome girl, probably buried in a desert dark place,no flowers, no candles, illuminated by stars and the moon.Her spirit is near you, Joana, encouraging your work, giving you strengh.This is the year of the impossible things: a black man,called Hussein, being President of the most important country in the world,after 9/11, who could ever imagine that? Finding out what happened to Maddie is also not impossible.

  5. When is the First Lady of Algarve intending to arrive in Portugal?
    Bracelets, year rings, neckless...

  6. Well you know Joana, I am just waiting with baited breath to see exactly how it is that Gerry McCann is now going to co-operate with Portuguese authorities, a bit of a scoping exercise to see what can still be done, I nearly swore!

    The only thing he could do is say where her body is or say who he handed her over to and we know he will not be wanting to do that! We also know he does not give two hoots about his daughter or the Portuguese authorities, British either for that matter, just himself will do nicely. Grrrrrrrr


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