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Metodo 3 under investigation in a case of Embezzlement and Money Laundering

by Duarte Levy & A. Finkelstein

Metodo 3, the Catalan detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann to find their daughter Madeleine, is quoted today in a large-scale investigation launched by the Spanish authorities to a half-dozen ministries of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

According to the Attorney General's Office note, the Catalan government, in recent years, would have ordered and paid a significant number of reports that seem to have no goal or interest, citing, as for example, a "survey into the socio-economy of a hazelnuts farm" ordered to the detective agency Metodo 3 for the modest sum of 30,000 euros.

According to the Attorney General's Office in charge of the investigation, they are before a case of embezzlement and money laundering.

The investigation of the Spanish authorities started after the denunciations of the "clean hands" collective and targets a case of embezzlement and money laundering, as confirmed by the office of the Attorney General.

Metodo 3: After Maddie now they are searching for nuts

It was the adviser for Agriculture, the Socialist Joaquim Llena, who has commissioned to Francisco Marco - the director of Metodo 3 - a "socio-economic survey of a hazelnuts farm", who has paid 30,000 euros.

According to a spokesman for the Attorney General's Office, "only the agency's name linked to a similar investigation, pushed the investigators to wonder about the real purpose aimed by the adviser's order [for the said survey]."

As stated by a source close to the investigation, the report made by Metodo 3 about the region of Tarragona, the region that mostly produces hazelnuts in Spain, was copied word by word from the internet. An information also confirmed by "El Confidencial" which states that Metodo 3 has copied word by word a report published earlier by the official newspaper of the region on its website.

Metodo 3, in Spain, has already been linked to other scandals connected to the political and the financial world, and, recently, was equally put in question by their work in investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, where one of the close associates of Francisco Marco, Antonio Jimenez, who was accused of having driven several British journalists to meet previously paid witnesses, who would then declare to have seen the small British girl [Maddie] in Morocco. The Metodo 3 coadjutant, responsible for investigating Maddie was, thereafter, arrested in a case of theft and cocaine trafficking.

According to sources connected to Metodo 3, several detectives working for the agency, have questioned the capacity of Francisco Marco in the Madeleine McCann investigation, accusing him of destroying the credibility of the agency, especially after he put to practice a disastrous mass communication strategy.

According to the Attorney General's Office, the misappropriation of funds and money laundering can concern "colossal" sums of public money.

Source: SOS Maddie

Note: The Generalitat de Catalunya ("Government of Catalonia") is the institution under which the Spanish Autonomous Community of Catalonia is politically organised. It consists of the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat and the Executive Council or Government of Catalonia.


  1. Well it just could not have happened to a better bunch of guys than Gerry McCann's chosen ones:-)))

    I am really looking forward to hearing Clarence Mitchell spin on this one..

    Maybe this is a means to an end of a long and complex investigation with some pieces of the jigsaw missing that will get slotted into place. May even cause Gerry to need to keep gracing your beautiful place with his horrendous presence, I am sure he will feel really welcome:-)))) Well by his lawyer anyway, it is just a job that pays well and lawyers are not allowed to pick and choose their clients!

  2. Well we all suspected something like this.
    Jesus, how could the McCanns have gotten involved with something like this? What is their problem?
    Such weird people.

  3. Tão amigos que somos!
    Quem é assim,alia-se a =s;
    os mcs? devem ter-se informado sobre os grupos que "seriam o tipo ideal para alimentar as histórias deles sem problemas de consciência"

  4. So Metodo 3 like working with nuts.


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