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Mystery Accounts: Where is the McCann’s Money?

The McCann accounts continue to be a mystery, but so does the Madeleine Fund. Of the money received only 13,3 % was spent in investigation and searches for Madeleine.

by Hernâni Carvalho

A document that tvmais had accesses reveals that up to the 31st of March of 2008 the Find Madeleine Fund received 2.819.403,00 Euros. Of this amount only 13,3% [375,000 Euros] was spent in searches and investigations (including private detectives). The Find Madeleine Fund was created [15 May 2007] with the objective of helping to find (sponsoring the searches) the ‘kidnapped’ girl and to deliver the abductors to justice. In the case of being proved that Madeleine was dead, the money would no longer be accessible to the McCanns.

The donations arrived to the Fund in various ways: 2.085.540,00 Euros were the donations received in the bank; 587.610,00 were received via Internet and 96,.117,00 Euros was the profit gained in the On Line Shop. This amount is increased by the interest rate of 50.136,00 Euros, which makes a total sum of 2.819.403,00 Euros.

In an analyses made to the accounts presented by the fund relative to the 31st of March 2008 (see box) soon we realize that in the area of publicizing [the posters which never appeared] and searches (of Madeleine) only 17,66% was spent of the money received. That is less than 500.000 Euros.

The profits of the On Line Shop are of 96.117,00 Euros; however the shop itself costed 167. 283,00 Euros in legal expenditures.

The fund has seven directors, but only two remain since the beginning.

The 'unveiling' of the fund accounts to which the tvmais had access is registered at the Companies House with the code number X5NBF0CR.

The Portuguese Authorities requested Information to the British

Ongoing Investigation?

No one can know what money the McCanns had with them on the day that their daughter disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve. What is known is that the PJ never had access to the bank accounts belonging to Gerry or to Kate McCann. Twice the Portuguese authorities requested to the British authorities informations concerning the bank accounts of the group who had dinner with Madeleine’s parents in the night of the disappearance of the girl.

The objective was to know who exactly were those nine persons (seven plus the McCann couple) on that date (3rd May 2007). The informations (bank account and credit cards) about the seven Tapas friends arrived [though not complete, as you can read here], yet regarding Kate and Gerry McCann the British authorities never gave any information even affirming that there was no registry of bank account loans nor of their credit cards.

Up to today, no one knows [at least the Portuguese Authorities don’t know] which accounts had the McCann between the 25th of April 2007 and the 12 September 2008. In January of this year the British authorities failed to give informations regarding the McCann’s money arguing that there is “an ongoing investigation”.

This strange situation is at odds with the fact that the Madeleine process was archived in July 2008.

Source:TVMais, paper edition

Accounts Report: Madeleine's Fund Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited

Kate and Gerry 'Secret' Accounts: A Matter of Non-Reciprocity


  1. The McCanns have dipped into the Madeleine fund to make two payments off their mortgage, why isn't that stated in the fund accounts?

  2. Hi! Joana

    Follow the cash.....and then we will get there.
    The mccDosh have dipped into the Madeleine Fund with "hoggis" blessings,they advertized and sold her without shame,they lied to her and to everybody.
    The truth is unfolding slowly.
    Lets keep the good work and thanks Joana,for your ongoing commitment.

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  4. Joana:

    realmente o melhor que fez,espero,foi o ter retirado os mal escritos do worm que se assina (e escreve mau pt.,como por ex."prontos",e escolhe como nome

    Brian O'Neill
    além das variações lúbricas em mau maior.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Deixa-me cá fazer 1 barreira para que aquela peçonha de brian....????não se pegue. nhac........


  5. A Vida de Brian nhac......

    além de totalmente ignorante é perturbado, altamente perturbado.nhac........grrr...

  6. Ah e o principal,sempre muitíssimo obrigada pelas novas e as re-lembranças.(relembranças).

    Faz bem em retomar as "assinaturas".Muitas das vezes aproveitei e "assinei" como anon.
    Evita a confusão da parte de quem não sabe nada e se enganou no blog.

    Não é aqui.

    Não sou daqui.

  7. O "prontos" não mexe nem um pouco a.....mente e,de tão burro,exprimiu o que deseja para ele próprio....

  8. Joana,

    com dois pontapés nos tomates ( a não ser que nem isso tenha ) e o gaijo fica a falar fininho.

  9. Quite the business, even if it was an accident they quickly realized how profitable their daughter’s death would be. The feeling I get after reading this article is that they never really cared about their daughter.

  10. An "ongoing investigation"? Whow! Does this mean that the british police is conducting an investigation of their own? Anything to do with the "Ward of Court" thing ? If that's what they meant by it, then they are certainly keeping things under wraps!Did they finally realise the need for secrecy from the P.J.?
    I don't think the british police would hold back the bank statements in order not to jeopardize the McCann's private investigations, or would they?
    What a tangled web...

    Oh, by the way, it seems that things got rough here, Joana, don't let this sort of lowlife bastard rock your boat. Coragem,sempre prá frente que atrás vem gente!
    Tenho participado como anónima,porque sou quase analfabeta informática e isto de criar google/blogger identity fazia-me cá uma confusão! Bom, ganhei coragem e já está, até não foi complicado! Sempre a aprender!
    Saudações amigáveis,

  11. Joana, the date of this news from TVMais, please?

  12. Joana, estou na primeira de fora.Que aconteceu e quem te ameaçou?Ou ninguém te ameaçou?

  13. Virgínia, acho que deve ser da TV Mais desta semana (saíu na 4ª feira).
    Também não sei muito bem o que sucedeu aqui, mas acho que deve ter sido sério e muito feio, desprezível!

  14. Virginia, a TVMais saiu ontem (dia 4 de Fevereiro.

    Rosie, Virginia e Outono muito obrigada pelas palavras de apoio.

    Passemos à frente.

  15. interesse em saber se J. vai cedo ou tarde dormir?
    a/o a duvidar de ameaças?
    Estranho.Para mim é estranho.


    J. de que estava à espera? Que não fosse apoiada e defendida?
    Não agradeça.
    Porque a solidariedade
    real ,sincera,verdadeira é para ser utilizada principalmente para quem a merece.

  16. Kate and Gerry as you are well aware of these comments,SWALLOW THIS.
    You once again make me feel, along with millions more,sick to the pit of my stomach, do something good for once in your sorry little lives and dig yourselves a huge hole and disappear,you have bought shame on yourselves,shame on the good people of portugal, you are both the most revolting people on the planet.
    Before you do fu** off for good maybe you could see it in yourselves to do the decent thing for madeleine.but i guess being the scum you are, you are prepared to wait for justice to come down on your heads


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