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“Parental abductions are the most common in Portugal”

“Parental abductions are the most common cases in Portugal”, 24horas is told by Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, the president of the Portuguese Missing Children Association [APCD], and a former PJ inspector.

Pereira Cristóvão further reveals to 24horas that the Association registered 10 cases last year. “These were disagreeing parents who wanted their son’s or daughter’s photo to be included in our missing children gallery”, he states.

“In these cases, unfortunately the child is often used as a weapon, especially in divorce or custody disputes”, Cristóvão explains.

“We refuse this type of appeal, the former inspector adds, because these are not abductions that are perpetrated by third parties”. In cases of parental abduction, or, according to the Penal Code, of subtraction of children, which is the classification, the Association sends people towards the PJ or the Public Ministry.

“Complete idiocy”

When asked by 24horas about the possibility of some press, mainly foreign, connecting the case of Sara Sofia Lopes dos Santos, the 3-year-old child that is being searched by the PJ of Portimão, with the Maddie case, former inspector Pereira Cristóvão is peremptory: “It’s a complete idiocy, because those are completely different cases”. And he concludes: “There is no case in Portugal that resembles that of the English girl”.

There are no statistics about the number of parental abductions in our country, but last year, the free telephone line of the Child Support Institute [IAC] reported eight cases.

Source: 24 Horas page 9

Update: Inspite of the Portuguese Media reports in 24horas, Sol, Lusa and local newspapers the British Media is NOT reporting anything regarding the Parental Kidnapp of Sara Sofia. At least not until now.

One word of Advice to the Portuguese Press: Maybe you should start checking your sources and do some investigative journalism [use google search] instead of acting like the Sun or the Mirror. It's just embarrassing.


  1. It is the first time I have heard about this little girl missing! I assure you I watch a lot of tv, mainly the news, I read online papers, and I do not remember seeing any mention to Sara Sofia! Is she any less worthy than Madeleine Mccann? Is it because she is portuguese, her parents are not doctors and have no political and influential connections? Why didn't the media take an interest in divulging this little PORTUGUESE angel's disappearance? Almost 2 years on and we are here still discussing Madeleine and wondering about her fate, and yet we don't bat an eyelid about so many other cases of missing children, and PORTUGUESE ONES, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!

  2. Me too,I never read or heard about this Sara Sofia.

    Where I live, when children disappear (very few, they are mostly taken by one of the parents after serious problems in their marriages.Or a muslim father taking them on vacation to his muslim country and not letting them come back.And it has to do with a bad marriage.A young child taken by a paedophile survives maximum 24 hours and its body is soon found on a field or in the woods.Family members, friends, neighbours who are responsible for abduction or death of a child do everything they can to hide the body. The closest to the child, the better they try to hide it.The body of a child victim of a occasional paedophile is found very soon because he gets rid of it as fast as he can.
    This is not Madeleine's case.
    Besides, she died in the apartment, according to the dogs.
    Somewhere I read that the Mccanns's neighbour, a lady, heard the child crying for a long time one night and also used to hear mother and daughter screaming to each other at the end of the afternoon.It seems this lady did not hear any noise on the 3rd.If the child died short after 5.30 pm,
    during the high tea of the lady, or during BBC 6 o'clock news, which she could have being watching, this lady would have been quiet and concentrated, on the tea or news. But she heard no noise.A silent death or no time to scream. What?

  3. Finalmente vem no C.Manhã um artigo sobre o desaparecimento de Sara Sofia, efectivamente parece que é mais um caso de subtracção parental. Suspeita-se que a mãe a tirou do país e que pode estar em Espanha.


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