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PSD removes support to Gonçalo Amaral as candidate to Olhão

The leader of the PSD District of Algarve, Mendes Bota, said yesterday that the former inspector of the Judiciary Police Gonçalo Amaral will not be the party's candidate to the City of Olhão in the next elections, ruling out any support to the independent list.

"It is a final point in case of the PSD District/Olhão," said Mendes Bota at a press conference in Faro, in a reference to the fact that the National Policy Committee of the PSD reproved the name of Gonçalo Amaral, which was proposed and approved by the local PSD district of Algarve.

However, Mendes Bota claimed that if the elections were today, "Gonçalo Amaral would win with 53 percent of the votes, defeating the current Chairman of the City Hall (PS), citing a survey commissioned by the party.

Mendes Bota has promised that the party will present a candidate, refusing to support an independent list, even if led by Gonçalo Amaral.

The former inspector is outside the country, being that the reason he did not appear at the press conference yesterday.

In the surveys commissioned by PSD/Algarve to the Institute of Opinion and Market Research (IPOM), which were made in the past days of 22nd and 23rd of January, Gonçalo Amaral was ahead of Francisco Amaral (PS), holder of the office of President City Hall of Olhão for the last two decades. If the elections were today, "the PSD probably would get a comfortable victory", with Gonçalo Amaral getting 53 percent of the votes of the respondents, against 37.7 percent points raised by Francisco Leal, said Mendes Bota, confessing to be "saddened" for not being able to go forward with the candidacy of Gonçalo Amaral.

The PSD has never been able to win the City Hall of Olhão since April 25, 1974.

The leader of the PSD / Algarve said that candidate Gonçalo Amaral was "excellent", with a "clean criminal record", with a "notorious high profile" and that he is not "a parachutist in Olhão" for living in that city. However, for fear of  "serving interests other than the PSD," he decided not to proceed with that proposal.

Mendes Bota regretted not having heard from the National Policy Committee of the PSD "no reason in support of the rejection of the proposed candidate," besides to the argument of Manuela Ferreira Leite [PSD Leader], when, in an interview to RTP, she rejected the "promiscuity between politics and justice" .

"Although it was requested in writing, up to now not a single justifiable reason was given for the non approval of the proposed candidate," said Mendes Bota, indicating that the argument of the "promiscuity between politics and justice" was "too vague" and "inappropriate for a retired citizen."

The county chairman of the PSD/Olhão, in turn, also deplored the veto of the National Policy Committee to the name of Gonçalo Amaral and suggested that the reasons for the decision were related to "external factors".

"I want to believe that it was external factors to the party" the fact of not having accepted the nomination of Gonçalo Amaral who has a "enviable" curriculum, said Daniel Santana, still referring to the explanations.

The county of PSD/Olhão believes that "it is still possible to find a winning candidacy", but they did not indicate the name that will replace the one of Gonçalo Amaral.

The leader of the PSD/Algarve advanced that Gonçalo Amaral will not be candidate to any other City Hall in the Algarve with the support of the party.

Source: Público

Later on there will be a press conference with the district committee chairman of the PSD/ Algarve, Mendes Bota, who will be accompanied by Daniel Santana, leader of the political committee of the PSD/Olhão, and Alberto Almeida, chairman of the section of the PSD/Olhão, besides Gonçalo Amaral himself.


  1. Gonçalo Amaral GANHOU,

    as sondagens indicavam que Gonçalo Amaral FICARIA!





  2. and you thought the English were corrupt? i suggest you look closer to home!
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