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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine case

40 apartments were investigated and the dogs only marked yours. Ten cars and they only reacted to yours.

Gerry – These dogs’ frailty was proved by a study that was carried out in the USA, in the case of a man that had been accused of murder. They had ten rooms, and in each room four boxes were placed, containing vegetables, bones, trash. Some contained human remains. They stayed there for ten hours. Eight hours after the boxes were removed, the dogs came in. And the dogs failed two thirds of the attempts. Imagine the reliability when these dogs test an apartment three months after the disappearance of a child.

Gerald McCann in Expresso, first interview after arguido status, September, 6 2008


  1. Which dogs, Gerry?
    NOT Eddie and Keela! 200 cases spot-on, not one miss!
    Do you know what kind of training or skills did the american dogs had? Was it the same as E. and K.?
    Were are the oficial reports, were are the evidences to corroborate your claim?

  2. Not sure if last post went cos it said error so here goes again..sorry if duplicated.
    Gerry is delusional, he talks so clinically and he is talking about his supposed missing daughter, it was evident from the start, in his blogs and he is getting worse...the power he held over the P.J has gone to his head..

  3. 'in the case of a man that had been accused of murder'

    Is he talking about the man who later confessed and the dogs were right all along!

  4. Looks like he was:


    Picked the wrong case to latch onto eh!:


    'As part of the agreement with prosecutors, Zapata had to tell authorities how he killed his wife and where her body was hidden, WISC-TV reported.'

    ''Prosecutors said that Zapata told police that he went to his wife's house in 1976, had an argument and "snapped." He told them that he grabbed a metal draftman's tool and hit her in the head multiple times. He said that she then dropped to ground and he strangled her. He apparently told investigators that he "strangled Jeanette Zapata manually until his hands hurt." He also wrapped a cord around her neck.

    'Zapata said that he wrapped her body in a tent and drove it to an area near Highway 151 and Reiner Road, where he hid it in some underbrush. He transferred her remains a short time later to some Juneau County land that he owed. There, he buried her body -- which remained there for 24 years -- before moving her remains to a Sun Prairie storage locker,...'

  5. The only concern of Gerry's is to defend themselves all the time.He is always very calm about what could be happening to his child right now.He has always been.No tears, no desper, no anguish, he knows she is not suffering anymore.
    And we know it too.What was going on with his bank accounts, that he refused to show them to the police?I don't think he used his credit cards on a dangerous way after May the 3rd.I think his bank accounts could have shown strange things that were happening before the accident and they had nothing to do with the disappearence.It is known that Gerry has been unemployed for two years, Kate must have earned the money at that time.But could they equilibrate everything in short time to the point of buying that expensive house?What is wrong about showing administration of costs of hairdresser, groceries,petrol, clothes?What is behind the disappearence of the credit cards and not finding the bank accounts?Did the cards disappear around the time they started the fund?

  6. In Tony Bennett's "60 reasons" booklet, regarding this comments from Gerry about the dog's work, he says: "the extraordinary reactions of Doctors Kate and Gerry...when that evidence was first reported...to most people, if their daughter really had been abducted-the news of smell of death found in their holiday apartment, and in their rental car, would have prompted an outpouring of grief and concern for their child. ...reactions such as: Who hired the car before us? Is anyone else known to have died in our apartment or in the hire car?"
    But no, they came uop with all possible explanations under the moon, completelly "ludicrous", like being in contact with 6 dead patients, taking Cuddle Cat to work,dirty nappies,rotting meat, nosebleeds, grazzed knee and so on...
    For people who adamantly claim to be totaly innocent, they sure make a hell of a way of proving it, every time they and their relatives open their mouths they bury themselves deeper, and make the public grow more and more suspicious of them.
    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
    As we say in portuguese, "desculpas de mau pagador"!


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