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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"Any parent would do anything they could for their child. And we're just doing what we feel is the best thing for Madeleine. Some people say the publicity will be harmful, that she'll be hidden away because of it. But what can you do - sit and do nothing?"

Kate McCann, to 'The People', 05.08.2007


  1. the difference being Miss Mccann is your not and never will be "Any Parent", your a disgrace.

  2. Yes, madame Kate, anything BUT having a family holiday with your kids, not dumping them in the créche mornings and afternoons, and most of all, making a self-sacrifice and taking the children with you for the evening meals, or staying in!And listen to their complaints and distress on being left alone at night!

  3. "what can you do - sit and do nothing?"

    Well from what I have read from the case file on the net that is exactly what you did do! And still appear to be doing! You did not answer the 48 questions the PJ asked, you did not return to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction and it appears that only 13.3% of monies amassed have been spent on the alleged searches for you missing child. Hardly action, imo, of a mother distraught and looking for her missing child she claims was taken to order by an organised gang of paedophiles! Especially when she and her husband claim that they believe the child can be found alive, well and in good health. Even the uncle of the child if my memory serves me well said he believed she could be recovered with not too much damage done!


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