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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"I have 150 men looking for the girl. At first it was just a missing girl case. Now I can assure you it was a kidnapping. We have evidence of this. Yes, we believe she is still alive and still in Portugal. We do have witnesses. They have given evidence but I can't reveal much more."

Guilhermino Encarnação, Joint Director and head of the Portimao Directory of the Polícia Judiciária, in 'This is London', 06.05.2007


  1. This declaration is in strange accordance to Kate McCann's words in the tv interview, that there was "something" that "proved" beyond any doubt that Madeleine was abducted. Does this mean that K. McCann shared her findings with the police? Mr.Encarnção statement was very early on in the investigation, I believe that at that moment they "bought" the McCanns abduction theory, before the P.J. started to put together and cross-reference the Tapas 9 statments and before the contradictions and inconsistencies became evident. I wonder if there is mention to the abduction evidence in the files? If it is, it has not come out, unlike the evidence brought out from the work of Eddie and Keela and the DNA findings.

  2. I don't believe that Guilhermino Encarnação ever said that.
    The whole mistery is not any longer
    around Maddie and her death but it has to do with Tapas 10.

    Who was this Tapas 10? How come he was found probably within one hour and the corpse disappeared perfectly? Is that the reason that England keeps insisting on abduction? What is behind Tapas 10?

  3. Guilhermino da E. so early;so confuse; so,so,so......

    It is a very important "remember the words". Strange.


    Marta del Castillo,17 anos,"killed" and:

    "La incógnita del traslado del cuerpo..."

    I think that is the same problem to Joana and Maddie.

    ...."en una silla de ruedas y, luego, transportada en una motocicleta .....pero la Policía no lo considera creíble y está buscando un coche..."


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