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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"Last Friday John McCann was dining with friends when Downing Street called to say that the Chancellor was on the line. Minutes later Mr McCann’s mobile – on which he takes hundreds of calls daily – ran out of power, cutting off Britain’s next Prime Minister in mid-sentence. Yesterday morning, as Mr McCann was talking to The Times, his mobile rang again. It was Revenue & Customs, calling at Mr Brown’s request to discuss how the fund could gain charitable status."

in 'The Times', May 22, 2007


  1. Well, we all know by now that the fund is not a charity, so it seems they chose to ignore Mr. Brown's suggestions on how the fund could have "charitable status". I wonder why, maybe because of the strickt impositions and control that status would require on the way the money could be used,to the last penny, and the McCanns would have no control over it? It was much more convenient to run the fund as an enterprise...

  2. Hundreds of calls a day?
    How irritating!
    And the future PM had to use the same phone number the rest of the world was using? What a lack of consideration !!And if I remember it well, Brown called Gerry for the first time when he was already PM.At least it is what he wrote on his blog.Can we believe those stories? And Brown calling John McCann? Did he call Philomene(?) as well? At that time Brown was about to become PM, he had a lot to learn and to discuss about,inside problems, Irak, Afghanistan, Bush and calling John Mccann about the Fund? Come on, those people are pathological liers.They wanted to impress the UK not to be accused of neglect.

  3. O orgulho luso ferido devia declarar guerra à Inglaterra.

  4. "...on which he takes hundreds of calls a day?"

    His telephone always occupied and the poor Brown waiting for his turn?
    What a patience!

  5. There is something utterly rotten in this case,it beggars belief how much on a limb Gordon Brown went and the question people ought to be asking is...why?


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