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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

“Yes, yes, I know,” Gerry says bitterly. “Kate killed her in a frenzy, Madeleine was sedated by us, she fell down the stairs—in which case you would have thought they’d have found her body. I’ve heard all that! There have been a huge number of theories in the media. But what I want to know is—who told them all that?”

Gerald McCann in Vanity Fair, January 10, 2008


  1. That is the problem when suspects and witnesses don't talk.Or whe
    n there are inconsistencies in their stories.
    Gerry forgot to mention more absurd things: Morocco, Bosnia, Malta, Brazil.

    Will they all live the rest of their lives like that?
    Some day they will make a mistake, that is for sure.
    Or they wil be processed for child neglect.

  2. Somewhere, I read on a news paper that Brown himself lost a 10 days old little daughter, in 2002.
    This must be very painful for him and his wife and they must be better able to analyze the Mccanns attitude towards the disappearence.

  3. The last sentence sends the alarm bells ringing in my head, "who told them all that?"!!! What does he mean by this? If those are media "theories", I mean invented by the media, why would anyone have told them anything? Or is he implying that those theories came from the police and were leaked out? Or is it that some of those "theories" are very close to the actual events of 3rd May and they need brushing-off as nonsense from team Mccann? Oh, and yet again a mention to the body, "find the body"!


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