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Trial Update: Leonor Cipriano & Marcos Aragão & Lawyers Association & MP versus PJ

At the meeting scheduled for today at 10.00, at the Court of Faro, Teresa Magalhães is going to be heard; this witness was indicated by the President of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine [INML], following a request by Rodrigo Santiago, on behalf of the Lawyers Association [OA].

The importance of this witness statement for the prosecution is obvious, since Leonor Cipriano was diagnosed as having anti-social disorders with a high degree of psychopathy, a diagnosis which was nevertheless elaborated by the National Institute of Forensic Medicine [INML], by the Institute of Social Reinsertion and also, in a report from the Minors Protection Commission.

The forensic psychologist, Dr. Paulo Sargento, based on the National Institute of Forensic Medicine [INML] report, affirmed in the court session of 24 November 2008 that Leonor Cipriano has psychopathic characteristics and a tendency towards suicide.

According to Dr. Paulo Sargento, the report indicates that Leonor Cipriano is a person with “psychopathic” characteristics, “affective coldness”, “with traces of low socialization”, with a “tendency to lie and fantasize”, with “traces of omnipresence” and who does “not respect other people’s well-being”, he said.

The psychologist also said that Leonor Cipriano can be classified as an “aggressive” person, “without values”, “dissimulated” and who “is not concerned about the truth”.

One has to wonder why has the President of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine [INML], Duarte Nuno Vieira felt obliged to fulfil the request by Rodrigo Santiago [Lawyers Association] to appoint Teresa Magalhães, the vice director of the INML for the North area of Portugal, as the witness for the prosecution to attempt to discredit the psychopathic diagnosis of Leonor Cipriano.

Could it be because Rodrigo Santiago is in fact, his defense lawyer in a negligent homicide case?

O Crime - cover from 11 December 2008

It will be interesting to see how the joint prosecution [the OA Lawyer and the psychic Lawyer Aragão Correia] will try to obfuscate the fact that Leonor Cipriano, a diagnosed psychopath,  murdered her own daughter.

Oh, it seems the psychic lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia wasn't able to attend today's Court session...

will be updated along the day


  1. Of course Leonor C. is a warm, considerate and loving person and mother, only such a person would send her 8 year old daughter out into the cold and the empty streets, to fetch her "hot cakes" from bakery in the early hours of the morning (becaus madam liked her cakes hot), while she remained comfortably under the blankets, with her mouth watering in anticipation!

  2. Sorry for the "typos" in my previous post (THE bakery, and BECAUSE).

  3. http://www.publico.es/espana/203082/guardia/civil/incorpora/motos/nauticas/busqueda/......

    Não são apenas as motos de água.Muitas mais e diversas corporações de busca.Quase diria:tudo.
    (o mac esqueceu-se de lhes pedir o mesmo)


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