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Brian Kennedy No Longer Paying for the Maddie Campaign

The McCanns spokesman assumes that crises has arrived to the Fund

The man who paid  Clarence Mitchell, Método 3 and who kept running a real media machine  has closed his wallet. Brian Kennedy stopped feeding the McCann machine.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, confirmed that Brian Kennedy, the British millionaire who financed the McCann couple, has stopped paying salaries “months ago”.

The statement was made by Clarence Mitchell himself after his speech, last Friday in an association of the Oxford University - the Oxford Union – where the former director of the control unit for the British Media - Media Monitoring Unit - spoke about his career as a journalist, the media industry and his role in the Maddie case. The millionaire Brian Kennedy who has once stated that he would be prepared to use the whole of his personal fortune – estimated at more than 500 million Euros in order to finance the alleged private investigations into the disappearance of Maddie, appears now to have abandoned his financial support for the couple.

A former window cleaner from the city of Edinburgh, Brian Kennedy was at the side of Kate and Gerry McCann when they hired the Spanish detectives from Método 3, with whom he visited the PJ in Portimão after Gonçalo Amaral's removal.

"I was working for the government when the news of Madeleine’s abduction broke. I was asked to go to Portugal to help with the media frenzy that was developing. In September I decided I wanted to work full-time to help the McCanns with their campaign so I left the government and Brian Kennedy stepped in to pay my salary. Some months ago Brian Kennedy withdrew from funding it and so the Helping to Find Madeleine Trust is now paying me to help continue the search for Madeleine", replied Clarence.

In spite of the McCann’s spokesman having announced in September 2007 that he was abandoning his position as director of the Media Monitoring Unit created by the former Prime Minister Tony Blair, he has kept a privileged contact with the [English] Government, quite frequently using the means and the internal contacts of the British authorities.

Madeleine Foundation Organised Protests

During his visit to Oxford University, Clarence Mitchell was confronted with a protest organised by members of the Madeleine Foundation, created by the solicitor Tony Bennett, who have made a campaign demanding that the truth about the Madeleine McCann case would be known. The protestors distributed a 64-page booklet on the Madeleine McCann case called "What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons Which Suggest she was not Abducted", explaining the reasons why they do not believe the theory that the English girl was abducted from the holiday apartment where the McCann couple occupied at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.

The members of that Foundation, which is totally independent from the millionaire fund created by Maddie’s parents, did not prevent or disturb Clarence Mitchell’s speech, but rather participated in the question and answer session to the former journalist. “If by the end of the evening we have informed people that there is another side of the story then our job will be done.” said Tony Bennett.


Millions. With the withdrawal of Brian Kennedy, the fund now supports the totality of Clarence Mitchell wages and expenses, even if the couple spokesman role has faded. Its unknown the exact amount that the Fund has still in the security chests, however since its creation private sponsors have given almost 3 million Euros to search for Maddie. The fund Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited, was created by Kate and Gerry McCann on the 12 of May 2007.

On the Side

Murat - "The false accusations almost destroyed my life", said Robert Murat at the Cambridge University, where the one who was the first arguido has spoken about the role of the British tabloids.

Tony Bennet - The British solicitor, keeps distributing a document with 60 reasons, which explain why Madeleine McCann was not abducted. It was him who organized the latest protest to the spokesman of the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell.

Marcos Aragão - The lawyer continues to target with critics Gonçalo Amaral. Nevertheless he also believes that Maddie was murdered. It remains to find the cadaver of the child with his alleged paranormal powers. Something which he has tried.

Gonçalo Amaral - The former PJ coordinator, in an interview recorded in Spain, accused the Portuguese authorities of not having a "political will to reopen the process and the investigations". Until now no one has refuted his statements.

Source: 24 Horas, page 6


  1. Thank you Brian for smartening up!

  2. Wow !
    this is a good news!
    We know Brian Kennedy is no longer a money machine for the Mccanns Circus.
    I guess soon the truth will see the light.
    Dear Joana thks for this fantastic comment.

    Greeting from Rio,


  3. I think you're missing a link for this story are you not Joana, or perhaps you don't actually have one and are just doing a bit of spinning like your favourite spokesman. Surely not?

  4. Dear Mr. Brian Kennedy,

    please, if you are still concerned about Madeleine's fate, please help Tony Bennett and Gonçalo Amaral to spread the truth around, in the UK.

  5. What you did to Sergey Malinka nearly destroyed his life! Shame on you, Patrick Kennedy.

  6. Big man with money meedimg attention because his life is so boring lol

  7. How can a guy who was smart enuf to work hard and become wealthy be so blind to the truth everyone can see. They are responsible for their own childs death. Sad

  8. I am just watching the netflix special 'the disappearance of madeleine mccann' and am fascinated by brian and patrick kennedy. i wanted to know more about brian. he seems like such a wonderful man. i wonder why he seems to have changed his mind??? is it that he believes the parents are not being honest? or is it just costing too much money??

  9. You people should be ashamed of yourself. They are not getting rich for the abduction of their child. I hope God forgives you. Hate is the root of all evil. God forgive your ignorance as you are not to judge.

  10. Joana Morais, é uma bandida a serviço de Gonçalo Amaral

  11. More than a decade and they are still looking. I hope they are reunited in this lifetime. Brian Kennedy - you have a kind and generous heart. Good for you for believing in them and lifting them up when they needed it most.

  12. Mr kennedy please Peru need a foundation for dissapeared children and abandoned mothers whit child, there are many poverty, thank you for your big hearth and you mc cann help, you are an special man.


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