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Freeport - The DVD that is not an Evidence

According to Público

«The new president of the Union of the Magistrates of the Public Ministry, João Palma, is going to ask for an urgent hearing to the President of the Portuguese Republic Cavaco Silva. In the last days João Palma has denounced pressures over the magistrates, allegedly related with the Freeport case which aim at, according to Correio da Manhã, rushing the archival of the process. The Union of the Magistrates of the Public Ministry is going to emit before the end of the day a notice. In it's turn, the Attorney General, Pinto Monteiro, announced for tomorrow a statement regarding the investigation to the Freeport case.»

Meanwhile, Charles 'On my mothers grave' Smith who accuses the Prime Minister José Socrates, as yet again changed is statement. In England he affirmed that the meeting recorded on DVD did in fact occurred, where he, besides calling our Portuguese Prime Minister stupid, stated that Socrates was corrupted. In Portugal, Charles Smith stated to the Judiciary Police and Prosecutors on the case that he never said anything wrong or libellous about Socrates.

The Prime Minister continues to suffer from a 'Black Campaign', orchestrated by some shadow characters and played by the media [TVI and SOL mainly] at an opportunistic moment - the 2009 elections.

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  1. Esta gravação áudio é extremamente esclarecedora. Reduz os suspeitos a dois:
    - Charles Smith
    - José Sócrates
    A Procuradoria Geral da República está envolvida, acredito que Pinto Monteiro e Cândia Almeida estão controlados pelo Governo, e como o Caso Freeport se trata muito provavelmente de financiamento ilegal do Partido Socialista, estão todos a tentar abafar o caso ad eternum até eventual prescrição do crime. A minha esperança neste momento é que o nosso Presidente aja perante este escândalo. Em último caso, isto está tão mau, mas mesmo tão mau, que o próprio povo e/ou militares português irá agir, nem que seja, sei lá, a Revolução da Rosa. :)


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