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Gerry and Kate McCann ask for the Algarvians’ cooperation

On the brink of the second anniversary of her disappearance in Praia da Luz, the couple asks for help again. This time, the target are the residents of Praia da Luz’s surrounding areas, who will receive a direct appeal from the little British girl in their letter boxes, over the coming days

by João Tiago

Leaflets, posters and outdoors asking for information about Madeleine McCann’s whereabouts make up the new appeal campaign that Kate and Gerry promote in the Algarve, on the brink of the second anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter in Praia da Luz.

The outdoors were being installed early this week, on locations like the entrance to Praia da Luz, and along the EN125 [main national road that crosses the Algarve east to west], between that village and Vila do Bispo, in Lagos and in Odiáxere.

The McCann couple’s idea is to search for information about the little girl’s whereabouts, among the Portuguese community in the surroundings of Praia da Luz.

“At the time of Madeleine’s disappearance the emphasis was placed more on international appeals and it has been recognised that the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give”, Kate and Gerry explained in a press release.

“Experience shows that the crucial answers are in the immediate vicinity”, they said, to justify their hope that “someone in the area could almost certainly have the vital information that could help Madeleine’s return to her family”.

Therefore, thousands of leaflets are going to be distributed at local markets, and even mailed to each residence within the municipality of Lagos. The posters started to be affixed over the weekend, on bus stops and on urban furniture at those same locations. This time, shops seem to be kept out.

Many, like the Batista supermarket, had no mention of the campaign on Tuesday.

Some shopkeepers explained to barlavento.online that they refused to affix the posters, because they were unaware of the campaign. “We don’t know who is promoting this and what the purpose is, so we prefer not to put them up”, the owner of a handicraft shop in Praia da Luz explained.

The regional armed wing of the campaign is Atelier do Sul, a publicity agency that is based in Boliqueime, owned by Fred Phillips, one of the most active members of the British community in the Algarve.

The only time that the McCann couple made a similar appeal was in December, when they released a video that showed the little girl at play, five months before she disappeared.

Kate and Gerry continue to publicly express that they believe they can find their daughter alive, despite the fact that the Polícia Judiciária faced the theory of homicide.

Due to being suspected of its authorship, the little British girl’s parents were made arguidos in September 2007, a status that would be lifted in July 2008 due to a lack of evidence to prove the child’s accidental death.

source: Barlavento online, 24.03.2009



    (for english people: stick the leaflets in your ass)

  2. Anonymous 25/03/09
    ....as many as you can jajajaja


    Please,go and manifest STRONGLY your disagreement with their stupid campaign.This is an other harrassment for you,especially considering the way they have treated your police force and country
    DONT allow the posters to be set
    DONT allow anything from that pair of lunaticos

  3. só discordo da ideia porque nos folhetos teem a cara da MADELEINE.

    fossem outros os fotografados e teria muito prazer em os usar para forrar o cesto do gato e a casota dos cães.

  4. Que parelha mcs mais abusadora;que par mais abusador.
    Pobre Maddie abusada constantemente.Não a largam(como um cão não larga 1 osso).
    Como li algures neste blogue,estou como mariaclopes: se os cartazes não tivessem a carinha da Pequenina Maddie,claro que seriam excelentes para a minha cadela e para os meus gatos.

    Pobre Maddie,escarnecida infinitamente pelos teus.Tão pequenina eras e o aproveitamento sempre abusivo que eles,os sem escrúpulos,fazem indefinidamente.

    Nojo deles.Onde tu foste nascer,Rapariga!


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