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Gerry's complaints leave a bitter taste

How strange it was to see pale, pugnacious Gerry McCann back in the news this week. It serves as a reminder that while the world has moved on for the rest of us, time stands still for him.

By Jan Moir

For the McCann family, the clocks stopped nearly two years ago, on that terrible night in the Algarve when their three-year-old daughter slipped from public view and has not been seen since.

In their quest to find Madeleine, the desperate McCanns invited the world's Press into their lives. It was a relationship that was doomed to sour.

For months, the McCanns' efforts to keep their daughter's plight high on the news agenda were intense. Far from shrinking from the oxygen of publicity, what they feared most was the muffle of public apathy. In the process, they became experts at manipulating the media to their own advantage.

At one point, Mr McCann even returned to the family home in Leicestershire to tie his own yellow ribbon to the teddy stocked Madeleine shrine that had been hastily erected in the centre of the village.

Then and now, watching Gerry McCann walking the red carpet of his grief, as knowing as a Cannes film star, can be an uncomfortable experience.

This week, Mr McCann took the opportunity to air his grievances about the Press and its treatment of his family in front of the House of Commons Culture Select Committee.

For what possible purpose? Certainly, some bad judgement decisions were made by the more excitable newspapers, who have been punished with hefty libel payments and widespread approbation for their troubles. Surely that is an end to the matter?

No. Mr McCann is not finished complaining. Yet the more and more he complains about what happened in the aftermath of his daughter's disappearance, the more I feel he is attempting to assuage his own guilt for failing to be there when she needed him most.

Still, it's not his fault that these useless Select Committees, stuffed with the third rate and the Parliamentary walking wounded, give an indulgent platform for anyone with a grievance.

Source: Mail, 13 March 2009


  1. The problem with being 'pugnacious' is sometimes you take on the wrong people.

    And get left with a bloody nose.


  2. What a grieving couple - as always leaving no stone unturned in their search for Madeleine! This photo should be published in all the newspapers so the world can see what a pair of hypocrites the McCanns really are. Just how can they be so happy when their little girl has gone 'whoosh clunk' to who knows where?

  3. Some day, very soon, Gerry wil terribly regret his complaints about the media.
    The same media which supported him at the beginning, when the truth was not yet published by the police: death in the apartment, concealing of the body.
    The same media which made the McCanns rich, from a moment to the next.
    The same media which was wrongly informing the British public, because they were manipulated.
    The same media that did another great favor to the McCanns: to distroy Robert Murat's life and the couple knew Murat had nothing to do with the disappearence and they still allowed his distruction.And Gerry allowing Mitchell saying that the British journalists had gotten drunk.
    Gerry is playing with fire, he surely is.
    The day that the British media start wondering about Tapas 10's identity,the one who hid the body that night,
    things will change.
    How could Tapas 10 allow Murat being distroyed?
    Is everybody immoral in the UK?

  4. Nancy, not "no stone unturned"

    but "leaving no wallet unturned".

    It is what they did to the British people.

  5. What happened to their contract with Hello?

  6. The portuguese helped the Mccanns and were defamed and humiliated in return.They now regret all the support given to that couple.They curse the day these people landed on portuguese ground.
    Father Pacheco helped them and now regrets the day he met them.He said some time ago that they are "almas perdidas" ("lost souls")
    Murat tried to help this couple and they almost destroyed his life.
    The english media, which served them as a vehicle for all of their lies, insults and defamation are now being accused of damaging the search for Madeleine.
    Justine Mcguiness helped them and now they are trying to damage her reputation.
    Sócrates and Gordon Brown helped them and they will soon regret it.
    If all these people work together, justice will be done sooner than we think .

  7. Hello Magazine, in Spain Hola and in Portugal revista Ola - a celebrity/paparazzi pics magazine.

  8. Anonymous, what does "lost souls"mean in Portugal?
    I hope it means they are going to hell.
    Yes, I did not realise well that Murat got in real trouble because he was helping the McCanns.
    I always thought he was helping the PJ, only.
    Bloody people. How I regret Polansky or Polansk's death, the director of Rosemary's Baby.He could make a new film.yesterday I was watching You Tube, scenes of that film.All friends of Rosemary's husband made me think of Tapas 7.It was disgusting.

  9. What are they doing to Justine McGuiness?
    I love gossips.

  10. anonymous @ 17:25


    McCann Case: Analyses of the Phone Calls Reveal an Unexplored Clue - http://is.gd/nJSY

    McCanns' ex-spokeswoman addresses conference - http://is.gd/nJTi

    Kate managed the news and controlled the English - http://is.gd/nJTS

  11. to anonymous @ 17:25

    a quote from the second article is particularly relevant:

    "Officially she tells those who enquire that she is not talking about the case. But in the bars, late and night, a few details have emerged. She has dropped several hints that she did not enjoy the closest relations with Gerry McCann, and also also that she was never intended to have an onscreen role as spokeswoman.

    Ms McGuinness, who is looking for a safe Lib Dem seat, says she was brought to Portugal to try and change the privacy law which the McCanns believed was hampering the search for their daughter. She says she tried to handle the media "like a general election campaign" with open regular media briefings, but this upset some media outlets that wanted to get a scoop on their rivals. "

  12. Thank you for the trouble, Joana.

    I begin to suspect that many people don't like Gerry.

    They must have a good reason for that.
    I remember Jane Tanner saying she would prefer Kate.
    And other people said he is arrogant.

    I wish some of his colleagues would give an interview about him, anonymous.
    Somewhere must be people willing to tell us more about The Lying Doctor.

  13. To anonymous 17.22:

    I don't now if I can expain it in English but I will try: here a lost soul is someone who does or did something bad and for whom there is no hope.It is someone who will forever suffer the consequences of his/her actions.Someone who will forever live surrounded by pain and suffering and who will never be able to make things right.
    When a priest says that he means that that person has left God's path.
    Murat helped the PJ (with the translations because he spoke the two languages fluently )They were trying to find a missing girl, Mccanns'daughter, so he helped them.That's what I meant.

  14. Thank you, Joana, I read again the story of Ribeira do Vascão, the telephone calls and Justine.I again ask myself why she left those documents under the sofa. If Madeleine is buried in Ribeira, the McCanns would not take any risk to tell her or to any other person. I believe not even Mitchell knows where the child is buried.Specially because Gerry is not loyal to anybody, he expects nobody being loyal to him. How come that so many details were left behind? I think only the couple know where the corpse is now.And it is a risk for each of them because if two people know a secret, it is not a secret anymore.
    If Gerry ever gets himself a mistress or if Kate gets a lover someday, there you go.
    Imagine Tapas 10 getting a mistress.
    I would love him to get one.There must be some way to find out what happened.

  15. To anonymous, 22.57,

    Thank you for the good explanation about lost souls. Yes, they are, if at least they are not psychopats.Let us hope they are not and they can suffer every second of the rest of their lives.
    Not because of the child's death, if it was an accident, but because what they did to Murat, Amaral, to the British people(money), the supportive Algarve population, the priest and to the media.
    In case of eventual mistresses and lovers, there will be more risks for the British government and I mean black mail would be possible.Mistresses and lovers have brothers and sisters and there you go again.


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