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Lawyer accuses Madeleine’s parents

An English lawyer delivered a small booklet he has authored, to the members of British parliament. Titled ‘What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 Reasons which suggest that she was not abducted', it exposes the reasons that led him not to believe in Madeleine’s parents’ version about her disappearance in the Algarve, in May 2007.

The purpose, according to what he told TVI 24, is to open an inquiry to find out the truth about the case, which has already been archived in Portugal. Tony Bennett, aged 60, says that from the start he noticed “something strange about the case”, and considers “the death of the child and the concealment of the cadaver by the parents or their friends” to be the most likely hypothesis.

Tony Bennett has filed a complaint against the McCann couple with the English justice, which was not accepted.

source: Correio da Manhã, 22.03.2009

Maddie: 60 reasons for “not having been” abducted

A British lawyer sent a book “of evidence” to English members of parliament, in order for them to open an inquest into the disappearance of Madeleine, in the Algarve

by Patrícia Pires

Tony Bennett is a British lawyer, in his sixties, retired. Since Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, in the Algarve, who started a struggle for Kate and Gerry to be accused of neglect, for leaving their children alone and going out to dine with their friends.

He has recently written a small book, in which he evokes 60 reasons that lead him not to believe in the parents’ version that Maddie was abducted. This week, he delivered the brochure to all the members of British parliament. His hope is that an “inquest” into the disappearance is opened, in “the name of truth”, despite the fact that the process was archived in Portugal.

In a statement to tvi24.pt, Tony Bennett recognises that right “in the first moments” he realised that there was something strange about the case. Especially after the different initial versions about how often the parents checked on their children: “every 15 minutes, every half hour, and every hour”.

But the shock went beyond this: “I couldn’t understand how those parents had left their three small children alone to go out to dine with their friends”, he says. “And how is it possible that after losing one daughter, they left the twins with other persons in order to start a campaign across the world and appear on television? Wouldn’t it be more normal to stay close to their other children?”, he questions.

Apart from this, Bennett says that he found no “signs of nervousness in the body language” of the couple. Even their trip to Rome, to meet the Pope, “looked staged” to him. When he heard that English dogs had detected cadaver odour and blood in the apartment where the McCanns spent their holidays and in the car that they rented, weeks after their daughter disappeared, he started an investigation.

Within short time, he considered it to be “the most likely hypothesis: the death of the child and the concealment of the cadaver by the parents and/or their friends”. “Days later”, he recalls for tvi24.pt, “the McCanns were made arguidos”.

Complaint over neglect

The British lawyer filed a complaint over neglect against the McCanns, with the British justice, but it wasn’t accepted. Despite the fact that the case was archived by the Portuguese authorities, Bennett believes that “new evidence” will appear and “reopen the case”, but only “in a long time”, he concludes.

If a similar case had happened in the United Kingdom, “there would have been a robust and detailed investigation like the one that was carried out in Portugal until Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case”, he states. He goes even further and defends that the removal of the head of the investigation was “a political decision” and that after that, the case “lost strength”.

Confronted with the “many evidences” that he found during his investigation, that Maddie “hadn’t been abducted” and realising that the information was absent from English newspapers – “that are afraid of criticising the McCanns” -, he decided to write the small book: “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 Reasons which suggest that she was not abducted”. “This is the only way that the British may understand how fragile the abduction theory is”, he explains.

And what does he hope to achieve by delivering this book to the members of parliament? “A little girl vanished without a trace and may be dead. Nobody has been accused, in a court of law, for these actions”, he tells. “In the United Kingdom, a special committee would have been created for the disappearance”, he says.

In his letter to the parliamentarians, Bennett appeals for them to intervene with the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs “in order to seek for cooperation with the Portuguese authorities and to develop an inquest” to discover “how, when and why Maddie disappeared”. “Lessons have to be learned from this. If there isn’t an inquest in Portugal, I hope there will be one in the United Kingdom”, he points out.

source: TVI24, 20.03.2009

Maddie: laboratory “belongs” to the Government

The sending of residues that were collected from the apartment and from the car to an English laboratory doesn’t shock Tony Bennett

by Patrícia Pires

“If the Portuguese authorities have no conditions, I can’t see a problem that one asks for help. Even more so because it was the dogs that were sent from England that detected the cadaver odour and the blood”. Nevertheless, he admits that it would have been better to send the material to a lab in the Netherlands, which is renowned for its expertise in “low copy” DNA.

He further recalls that the English lab – Forensic Science Service (FSS) is “held” by the British government and that “there are persons who suggest that the results have been influenced by pressures”.

New law

Bennett has also promoted a petition, which has been delivered to the British government, for Madeleine’s Law to be created: “Every parent who leaves children under the age of 12 alone – without a plausible and reasonable motive – can be accused of practising a serious crime”.

The main lesson that he draws from the Maddie case is that “children should never be left alone”, hence his proposal, as he tells tvi24.pt. According to the law, the Government is obliged to reply to petitions with over 200 signatures, and his contains over 700. While still waiting for a reply, he leaves an appeal: “In the United Kingdom, many children are left alone. This growing problem has to be stopped”.

One of the issues that is approached in the lawyer’s book is related to the British Government’s connection with the case. As early as in May 2007, as a Finance minister, Gordon Brown, who would become head of the executive after Tony Blair left, spoke with the McCanns several times, and appealed to the Portuguese police to publicise the description of the abductor that had been given by one of the couple’s friends.

“The Finance minister’s function is to help at the level of the country’s economy. Why did he reveal a personal interest in the case?”, he questions. This without forgetting that “the English executive sent Clarence Mitchell into the Algarve, to help the McCanns deal with the media. Mitchell led the Media Monitoring Unit, a unit that monitored and controlled everything that was published in the media”.

The doubts persist. “If we were just looking at the abduction of a three-year-old girl, why send the person that led the Government’s propaganda machine? And while we’re at it, why did Gordon Brown, when he was already prime minister, make a special visit to Leicestershire police, three days after the McCanns were made arguidos?”.

Tony Bennett doesn’t fear that Gerry and Kate file a criminal complaint against him, but he admits it’s a possibility. Nevertheless, he recalls that he sent “the couple’s lawyers a copy of the book”, asserting that he would “alter the facts that they would prove as erroneous”. Until now, he hasn’t been contacted.

The Madeleine Foundation

In late 2007, Tony Bennett created a website that is called “The Madeleine Foundation”, which ultimately searches for the truth about what happened to the little girl. On the website, he appeals for help and for donations from the general public, but he stresses to his readers that he is completely unrelated to the McCann’s site. When questioned by tvi24.pt about how much money he has gathered and how he’s spent it, the reply comes without fear.

“I’ve received 350 euros from registered members of the website; 1418 euros in donations and 4442 euros from the booklet’s sale”. All in all, he’s gathered 6212 euros so far. “Until now, I’ve spent: 244 euros to create and maintain the internet site; 1959 euros in postage and package; 3255 printing the books and 191 euros printing a leaflet about Clarence Mitchell”. He’s spent a total of 5650 euros. “I have 557 euros left that should be spent on a new edition of the booklet”.

Concerning Gonçalo Amaral’s book, he confesses that he’s read a small summary that is available on the internet, but he recognises that he shares the same theory with the former investigator: “Madeleine died in the apartment”.

source: TVI24, 20.03.2009


  1. Joana, have you got the address of that millionair from Texas?
    He got to know how little money Mr. Bennett has.

    Maybe Brian Kennedy would like to help him, now that he stopped helping the McCanns.
    Brian Kennedy wants justice for Madeleine.
    And a decent grave, a presume.
    Bill Gates?

  2. Tony,they wont go after you.If they had really wanted to,they would have already and the case this time would be re opened.They cant even think of it...in fact,they have done their upmost to avoid it,through their lack of cooperation with the PJ etc...but,the booklet is putting on weight...surely

  3. Puxa, se deu para o Brown ir pessoalmente à polícia, depois que os McCanns foram declarados arguidos, então ele está mesmo com a cauda presa.
    Foi por isto que ele emagreceu. Está com medo.
    O que haverá por trás disto tudo?
    Pergunto-me se o livro do Amaral vai sair na Inglaterra.
    Ele poderia tentar a Irlanda pois irlandês tem birra de inglês.Ou os Estados Unidos.
    Ou edição em inglês vendida em países europeus: hotéis, restaurantes, aeroportos e portos.
    Quem sabe?

  4. Mr. Bennett, may God bless you.
    What about an interview with CNN that is watched all over the world?

    CNN must have representants in the UK, good journalists, why don't you try?

    And they broadcast it from the States. Freedom of speech.

    What is happening to Madaleine is a scandal.

    Did you send your book to Mr. Brian Kennedy?

    He needs to read it.

  5. Compare these two figures:

    Mr. Bennett's website cost: 244£

    McCann's website cost: 37000£

    Note that Mr. Bennett probably hired a professional create the website and the McCanns website was alledgedly created for free, by an amateur, a former pupil of Philomena Mccann.

  6. I never read somewhere if the McCanns had to go back to the apartment to bring Maddie to the loo, late in the evening, beginning of the night. Or if there was an urinal in her bedroom, for the night.This could mean that she probably wore dipers, during the night.If she did, there were dipers of her size in the apartment.
    How can you explain that the dogs did not find her trousers, shorts she was wearing with the red T-shirt?(cadaver scent).
    Eventual urine out of her corpse could have been caught by a diper and she could have worn the trousers or shorts in which she died till the moment
    she would be dressed up in pyjamas.
    And a wet short or wet trousers would not have been suspicious because this is normal with children.Unless they would have traces of violence or medicines.

  7. I'm afraid Bennett just comes off as some crackpot whose material will continue to be ignored. What is needed is someone with a better reputation than Mr. Bennett, preferably a legit investigative journalist, to fully take on this unsolved mystery. For Madeleine and for those who loved and knew her. Amateur sleuths on the internet haven't made one iota of a difference in the status of this case. Reading the various blogs and forums tell me there are folks involved in this case with a LOT of personal problems they should be more concerned about.

  8. "Anonymous said...
    I'm afraid Bennett just comes off as some crackpot whose material will continue to be ignored"

    ADMIT it! Tony is NOT ignored by any means.
    YOU and people of your kind are NOT interested to make justice to a child.
    YOU are the one who has a BIG problem
    Go get HELP

  9. Anonymous 07.03,

    You sound like Gerry at the UK Parliament.
    If Tony Bennett's publication would not make any difference, you would not take the trouble to comment this on this blog.
    Like people that loved and knew her did not take the trouble to wait for results outside Murat's house, when the police started searching in his garden.The garden of an arguido being digging and no interesse at all?

  10. At first they ask us all to come foward with what we know, "no matter how trivial", Tony Bennett comes foward
    with the PJ's rapport and they don't like it.
    "Reading the various blogs and forums"...
    You are reading a lot, aren't you?


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