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Max Mosley, Gerry McCann & Clarence Mitchell to give evidence to press standards inquiry

Max Mosley, F1 boss

By Paul McNally

Max Mosley, the motorsport boss at the centre of a tabloid sting operation last year, is to appear before MPs next week to give his views on libel law and privacy.

The FIA chairman has been called to give evidence on Tuesday morning to the cross-party culture, media and sport select committee, as part of its wide-ranging investigation into press standards.

Mosley won £60,000 in compensation from the News of the World last July after the Sunday tabloid published photos and a video of what it claimed was a "sick Nazi orgy" with five prostitutes.

High court judge Mr Justice Eady said Mosley had a "reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to sexual activities" and said there was no evidence of Nazi re-enactment.

The sum awarded was the highest ever given in a UK privacy case, dwarfing the £14,600 awarded to Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones from Hello magazine.

Mosley is now asking the European Court of Human Rights to strengthen privacy laws - and make it a requirement for newspapers to approach the subject of a story before publication.

According to yesterday's London Evening Standard [see bellow], Gerry McCann - the father of Madeleine, who disappeared on holiday in Portugal in 2007 - will also give evidence to the select committee next week.

Gerry and Kate McCann accepted a £550,000 libel payout from Express Newspapers last April for a series of more than 100 articles which Mr Justice Eady said were "seriously defamatory".

The Daily Express, Daily Star and their Sunday sister titles all published prominent front-page apologies for the untrue allegations, which the McCanns' lawyer said suggested they "were responsible for the death of Madeleine".

A Commons spokeswoman said McCann's appearance before the committee had "not yet been confirmed".

EVENING STANDARD (Paper Edition Only)


By Gideon Spanier

There should be a compelling day next week at the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee hearing into libel law. Motor-racing chief Max Mosley *[see bellow] is to discuss the News of the World’s investigation into his sex life in the morning while Gerry McCann, father of Madeleine, is due to speak in the afternoon.(...)

Culture, Media and Sport Committee: Meetings

For the latest information on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee meetings please see the Select Committee Calendar

Members of the public are welcome to attend public committee meetings or follow evidence sessions at www.parliamentlive.tv. Details of subjects and witnesses are announced in periodic press notices.

Oral evidence session

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee will hold its second and third oral evidence sessions on Tuesday 10 March in relation to its inquiry into Press Standards, Privacy and Libel.

Date and Time: Tuesday 10 March - 10.30 am


10.30am - Max Mosley

Location: Wilson Room, Portcullis House.

Time: 2.45pm


Gerry McCann

Clarence Mitchell

Adam Tudor, Carter Ruck solicitors

Location: Thatcher Room, Portcullis House.

If necessary, during the afternoon session, the Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House will be available as a further public gallery.

The sessions will be open to the public on a first come, first served basis. There is no system for the prior reservation of seats in Committee Rooms. It is advisable to allow about 20 minutes to pass through security checks. Committee Rooms and timings are subject to change.

Update on July 1st 2014

Photos removed due to German lawyers letter on behalf of Mr. Max Mosley

Sehr geehrter Frau Morais,

hiermit zeigen wir an, dass wir die medienrechtliche Beratung von Herrn Max Mosley übernommen haben. Ordnungsgemäße Bevollmächtigung wird ausdrücklich anwaltlich versichert.

Grund unseres Schreibens ist Ihre Internetseite


Auf dieser Seite verbreiten Sie rechtswidrige Aufnahmen von unserem Mandanten und verletzen ihn dadurch in seinem allgemeinen Persönlichkeitsrecht, seiner Intimsphäre und seinem Recht am eigenen Bild. Diese Aufnahmen enthalten Szenen aus einem heimlich aufgenommenen Video und wurden ohne Kenntnis oder Einwilligung unseres Mandanten hergestellt. Sie Dritten zugänglich zu machen ist nach § 201 a des deutschen Strafgesetzbuchs strafbar.

Das Video, dem diese Aufnahmen entnommen sind, war seinerzeit von der inzwischen unter Anderem wegen grober Persönlichkeitsrechtverletzungen eingestellten Zeitschrift "News of the World" ohne Erlaubnis unseres Mandanten aufgenommen und der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht worden. Die Verbreitung dieses Videos im Ganzen oder in Teilen ist illegal.

Die Verbreitung der Bilder aus dem News-of-the-World-Video aus der Intimsphäre unsers Mandanten ist in Deutschland mehrfach Gegenstand gerichtlicher Verfahren gewesen und gerichtlich untersagt worden. Die entsprechende Pressemeldung des Landgerichts Hamburg ist hier abrufbar. http://justiz.hamburg.de/oberlandesgericht/4258636/pressemeldung-2014-01-28-olg-test/

Wir haben Sie deswegen aufzufordern, diese Aufnahme sowie ggf. sämtliche Kopien aus Ihrem Angebot unter http://joana-morais.blogspot.com zu entfernen. Wir haben uns dafür eine Frist notiert bis zum

Mittwoch, den 2. Juli 2014.

Sollten Sie dem nicht nachkommen, werden wir Sie formell und kostenpflichtig zur Abgabe einer strafbewehrten Unterlassungserklärung auffordern und notfalls gerichtliche Schritte einleiten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Konstantin Pistorius


Dear Ms Morais

We represent Mr Max Mosley.

We are contacting you on his behalf because of illegal images of him posted under


These images contain scenes from a secretly taped video of our client and were taken without his knowledge or consent and show him having obviously sexual relations. Thus they violate our client's personality righty, his privacy and his right to his own image. They are illegal under European privacy laws and making them accessible over the internet is punishable under German criminal law (§ 201 a StGB).

The video which these images were taken from was taped, produced and made readily available to the public by the now defunct newspaper "News of the World" without our client's consent. The newspaper has since been discontinued, partly due to various infractions of privacy. It is illegal to publish, spread or distribute the video, in parts or its entirety.

In Germany the distribution of freeze frame pictures from the "News of the World"-video regarding our client's private sphere has been the subject of several legal proceedings. The district court of Hamburg (Landgericht Hamburg) has forbidden the distribution of the video and still images obtained from it. You can read about this verdict here: http://www.cnet.com/news/german-court-google-must-take-down-max-mosleys-racy-pics/

On behalf of our client, we require you to remove the images (as well as any other copies of these images) and the video (as well as any other copies of this video) from your website http://joana-morais.blogspot.com or at least make them inaccessible from Germany. For this we have set a deadline until

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

Should you not remove/block the images until that time, we will be tasked with sending you a formal letter of cease and desist subject to our usual fees, since you are responsible for the content of your website.

Kind regards

Konstantin Pistorius


The translation above is for your convenience and working purposes only. It is neither a professional translation, nor is it in any way legally binding. Legally binding and applicable is the German version of the letter.

IRION | Kanzlei für Medienrecht

Max Mosley* Tabloid Story
Max Mosley, who is the president of the FIA (Formula One) was caught on film allegedly taking part in what UK tabloid News of the World has characterized as a "Nazi orgy, the 5 hours video shown him and five hookers enacting a concentration camp-style scene in which he plays both victim and guard. One woman inspects his head for lice before he is interrogated and whipped. Mr Mosley then switches roles and "tortures" one of the prostitutes. He even issues orders in German. It was claimed he paid £2,500 in cash for the orgy - the video was published by News Of the World and is still available in the Web

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  1. And why not include Robert Murat too? He is a british citizen and he too was a victim of "seriously defamatory" articles in the media!


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