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McCanns consider returning to Portugal

Maddie’s parents have launched a new campaign in the Algarve and are thinking about travelling to Portugal to speak about their daughter. But Kate is reticent towards the idea

by Duarte Levy

Kate and Gerry McCann are considering a return to Portugal even before the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, a source close to the couple has told 24Horas.

“I know that some contacts have been made with the lawyers in Portugal, as well as with some of the couple’s friends in the region, but nothing has been confirmed yet”, the same source said, stressing that among the couple “Kate is more reticent towards a possible return.”

Kate and Gerry McCann abandoned Portugal in September 2007, after two days of questioning at the PJ that culminated with the couple being made arguidos, under suspicion of being involved in Maddie’s disappearance. They would both travel back to the United Kingdom, from where only Gerry would later return to Portugal.

The announcement of the couple’s possible return to our country is not seen with pleasure by part of the Algarve’s population, which can’t forgive the couple for their comments about a country that has done everything to search the world’s most famous missing girl: “That’s like the campaign that they’re doing now. It’s useless and only mocks the Algarve”, 24Horas heard from António Martins, a resident in Praia da Luz, who added that “saying that the Portuguese didn’t help them or that we didn’t give all the information, is ridiculous!”.

“They might as well start by replying to the PJ’s questions and doing the reconstitution, then we’ll see what the police thinks”, he said. Maria Afonso, a local resident, has a different opinion: “This campaign won’t bring the little girl back. Two years later, it’s stupid to think that way. This is only going to soil the Algarve’s name, and our streets. Who is going to sweep away the papers that they’re going to distribute?”

Cost of the campaign not revealed

It’s not known exactly how much the new campaign that the McCanns launched in the Algarve is going to cost , given the fact that the heads of the financial fund that was created by the couple nine days after Maddie’s disappearance, refused to publicise any amount, admitting that “we’re going to spend what is possible and necessary to find Maddie.”

This is an attitude that differs from the one that could be read from the Find Madeleine fund’s provisory accounts, which revealed that only 13% of the almost 3 million euros that entered the coffers were used to search for Maddie, as 24Horas reported.

The campaign, which is foreseen to last two weeks, was commissioned from an Anglo-Portuguese firm that is based in Boliqueime, ‘Atelier do Sul’, directed by Fred Phillips and Suzi Steinhofel, and renowned as one of the best and most expensive firms in the area.

Coincidentally, ‘Atelier do Sul’ was one of the few firms that were visited by the same consul that accompanied Kate and Gerry McCann’s questioning in Portimão.

Just like her predecessor, Bill Henderson, Celia Edwards abandoned our country after the McCann case.

Little over 12 thousand euros

by Miguel Ferreira

The campaign that started this week in the Algarve will be one of the least expensive campaigns that the McCann couple has carried out until now. Under the slogan “Help me!”, with the photo of the little girl that disappeared almost two years ago in Praia da Luz standing out, the posters, leaflets and outdoors that ask the Algarvians for information about Maddie’s whereabouts cost the McCann couple little over 12 thousand euros, as 24Horas has established.

The couple’s spokesman refused to reveal the amount that was spent in the operation, but 24Horas did the maths. Based on market prices, 2 weeks of publicity on the rear window of three ‘EVA’ buses that connect Lagos with Sagres, cost approximately 660 euros, according to a company source. There is a publicity van at the McCanns’ service during the same period, which will cost another thousand euros, as we could establish.

Then there’s the 10 thousand leaflets and posters that have been produced by Atelier do Sul, for distribution in Lagos and Praia da Luz: another 2 thousand euros, according to a source that is connected to the business.

The rental cost of the four ‘Publirádio’ outdoors that are installed in locations like the entrance to Praia da Luz, and along the EN125 [national road], in Burgau, Lagos and Odiáxere, will cost 4500 euros, according to a company source.

Finally, if it had been necessary to pay this operation to the publicity agency that is mobilising the means, ‘Atelier do Sul’, which is owned by one of the most active members of the British community in the Algarve, the McCanns would have spent another 4000 euros, according to a business source.

All summed up, in the worst case scenario – and believing that everyone has demanded payment for their services, the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund will have spent only around 12 thousand euros.

Fund. The amount that has been spent with the campaign will always be a drop of water in the Find Madeleine Fund’s volume of receipts. Just on the 8th of November, a cricket race that was promoted by Greenhills Taverners Society, in London, brought the fund 5 thousand pounds, almost 5400 euros.

Secrecy. The authorship of the campaign was shrouded in mystery for a few hours. On Tuesday morning, the couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, couldn’t recognise the campaign and attributed the initiative to a group of people who volunteered for the cause. But during the afternoon, the couple emitted a press note in which it assumed the initiative.

source: 24Horas, 26.03.2009


  1. Claro que é mais uma das afrontas tão cheias de mau carácter daqueles mcs and companhia para com a população PORTUGUESA do Algarve mas também,mais uma vez,contra Portugal.
    Fora o facto ser igualmente também uma reles provocação a todos nós mas principalmente a todos os profissionais sérios que trabalharam no caso e aos que relatam as notícias.

  2. “Kate is more reticent towards a possible return.”
    Good, we don't want her here, or Gerry for that matter, UNLESS they come to talk to the police and do the reconstruction.

    "Secrecy. The authorship of the campaign was shrouded in mystery for a few hours. On Tuesday morning, the couple’s spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, couldn’t recognise the campaign and attributed the initiative to a group of people who volunteered for the cause. But during the afternoon, the couple emitted a press note in which it assumed the initiative."
    He,he,he, has Mr. Pink lost the plot? Was he kept in the dark about this campaign? I bet he didn't like it a bit, being made to look like a fool, talking about "volunteers", not knowing much about the whole thing, and the next moment the Mccanns assume full ownership. It must have been a blow to his oversized ego!

  3. PLEASE DO COME, Mr. and Mrs. Mccann! The tar and feathers are all ready for you!


  4. Thinking about this case, I ask myself if there was a third person in the apartment during the accident.Or a second person and he was the one with the power among Tapas 9 and the politicians.He could have helped causing the accident under Kate's responsibility and he does not want to be blamed for anything.He has gotten connections.There is a couple that never left the table at the Tapas, never attracted attention for their existence, claiming they had a kind of phone to listen to the children. Maybe the whole Tapas 9 had such a phone and they hid it to show they were responsible parents, visiting the apartments.If they all hid it why was that couple the exception? There are two men who never checked on other couples's children: that man, who never left the table, and Gerry.The rest checked always on Gerry's apartment too. Was Gerry born only to receive favors?
    Do we have to do here with that man's power and not Gerry's?
    Is he the person who found the way to the Foreign Office?
    If Gerry was already powerful before the accident, he would not have being unemployed for two years.

  5. YES! go back and make it worthwhile: ask the PJ for a RECONSTRUCTION for example
    kate the gilipollas,why are you not keen on the idea?what are you scared of?oh....! I see!!! you dont want to leave the twins behind,is that it?take them with you then and leave them ALONE again while you go and get pissed....

  6. hahahahahahaha, return to Portugal, you cant even step outside your front door, if you do decide to, im sure your have a warm reception waiting for you.

    people of the uk be sure to buy Mr Bennetts book "What Really Happened To Madeleine Mccann" and distribute among the masses, they are shitting bricks for breakfast.


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