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McCanns “return” to the Algarve

A new campaign seeks to find new testimonies concerning the little girl’s disappearance

At a time when the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance is approximately one month away, the McCann couple announces a new campaign to sensitise the population, but now totally focused on the Algarve.

According to spokesman Clarence Mitchell, approximately ten thousand leaflets will be distributed, by hand and placed in letter boxes, in the areas of Praia da Luz, Lagos and Burgau, over the next two weeks.

The campaign will be supported by posters and publicity on three buses and a van. According to members of the “Find Madeleine” fund, the purpose of this action is to collect new depositions that may contribute to the investigation.

“At the time of Madeleine's disappearance the emphasis was placed more on international appeals, and it has been recognised that the local Portuguese residents of Praia da Luz and the surrounding areas have never been properly asked about information they may have to give. The purpose of the current campaign is to do just that - ask the local Portuguese residents for information to help to find Madeleine. Experience shows that the crucial answers are in the immediate vicinity”, the Fund informed in a press release.

The little girl disappeared from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, on the 3rd of May 2007.

source: IOL Diário, 24.03.2009

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  1. Mais um santinho, Santa Kate e São Geraldo.
    Agora podemos começar a novena.

    Ave Gerardus, desgratia plena, miseria tecum, etc,etc.

  2. Com a oferta do Senhor que desafiou os mcs a encontrarem o "suposto" raptor....acho mais que vem para aí uma caça aos inocentes.

    Burgau/Lagos...nada mau.Mais cosmopolita.

    pode ser que o mac aproveite mais disso tudo,tb.

    PERIGOSO! Situação perigosa.Mais parece um processo de inquisição.

  3. Os tais vehiculos vão passar por estas cidades com um megafone anunciando




    entrada gatis.

  4. Whatever happened, you can see on this photo above that Gerry was suffering.
    I don't see any suffering in Kate's expression.
    She looks scared but not suffering.

  5. This is completely insane.

    WHO is paying for this nonsense?

    HOW can they waste their resources like this?

    Or is that precisely the point?

    I wonder, I truly wonder...


    Or mere publicity stunt?

    Poor Madeleine.

    Such obscenity!


  6. I wonder if this was the parents idea or someone who believes them?

    They have to go along with it after all!

  7. Sim e o Circo vai chegar.

    Que eles não venham,senão os twins ainda ficam ,sei lá onde!

  8. jeje..Tony"s booklet is making waves.....and the mccFibs off to Portugal....how on earth can they possibly believe that Portuguese will help them after the mediatic abuse their police force and country went through with these 2 nut cases???
    I mean TWO bleeding years later they are "searching" for madeleine where she "disappeared"???they are taking the PISS:"it has been recognised that the local portuguese residents have never been properly asked about information they may have to give?????" are they CRAZY?they"ve lost it.
    Please,please,portuguese posters do NOT accept this new harrassment,please,do something about it por favor...this is too much,really..OTT
    Do you what? soon,we will have a new sighting......for f...god sake

  9. What happened to " the police did not close the borders", " Madeleine was taken to Lisbon, or out of Portugal", "she was taken to Spain"( or Morocco, Malta, you name it!)? Now they believe the locals can be of use? NOW? The same locals who were out searching into the night, and for days, while the parents stayed in creating an "international campaign"?

  10. Is this the usual reaction to the criticism they get from bloggers, like here in " Joana" and "3 arguidos", "youtube2, etc.? Remember, when kate was criticised for not showing emotion, for not crying, what followed? Surprise, surprise, Kate cried on tv!or sort of...Now, after a summary from the fund's accounts was released, and everyone saw that a huge amount of money was spent, apparently on nothing, here comes some action, a new campaign, 10.000 leaflets to be distributed!

  11. We should not forget gerry mccann's words:
    "Mr McCann: This is my first hand knowledge from discussions rather than knowledge of Portuguese law but clearly within Portugal there has been a balance going on between laws, many of which date back to them being a Fascist government and subsequently a Communist one. Freedom of speech is perhaps more freely enshrined there and yet we have this judicial secrecy which, in many cases, does not function the way it should. There is this element where the press there is potentially much less well regulated, to use that in the loosest context, than it is in the UK. I believe in terms of the legal situation, if a police officer gave information which was known to be on the file and only on the file relevant to it then technically I believe that is probably correct."

    He is sooo arrogant !!!

  12. Oh, so now they want testimonies from the locals? Why weren't they interested in those testimonies two years ago? Too afraid of what those people would say? Kate and Gerry, I would be careful if I were you.The portuguese, particulary the ones who live in the Algarve, still have some really interesting things to say about you and your friends.And we haven't forgotten the way we were treated, all the accusations and insults against our country, our police, our culture.
    How can you live with yourselves? What kind of people would do what you are doing?
    You really are two "almas perdidas"...

  13. What an awful thing to say about another persons Country ,Manners cost nothing ,,,,but then its in the genes , after all you have done to help PORTUGAL MAY I AT LEAST THANKYOU ,

  14. Nice, I hope the Portugueses in Algarve will tell interesting things about the McCanns and their friends.
    They must have observed a lot.


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