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A Nose For Crime

A Nose For Crime - "The Doberman Gang" segment A Nose For Crime produced for Animal Planet by Fleisher Film, Inc. is a documentary that profiles the courageous and amazing efforts of dogs who sniff out evidence in crime scenes

'Sometimes the only difference between justice served and justice denied is one black, wet nose'

Thank you Himself for bring this to my attention

Philomena McCann's description of the cadaver dogs, "What are they Lassie? They could be barking at anything."


McCanns Case: How can a dog sniff through concrete?
Eddie is an enhanced victim recovery dog and is specially trained to detect the scent of human remains. He is able to smell through solid materials, like concrete, because of scientifically-based training techniques. ...

Sniffer Dogs used to seek Madeleine prove again their effectiveness
The sniffer dogs brought to Praia da Luz by a South Yorkshire police special team, Eddie and Keela, are considered the best and only ones with the capacity to detect the scent of a corpse or blood even months after incidents happened...

Eddie and Keela versus Team McCann
Eddie and Keela, the two sniffer British dogs used to find evidences of Madeleine's death, in Portugal were used by the police in the searches of Kate Prout...

British Police want to question Foreign Office envoys and ...
PJ detectives that followed those searches, with Keela and Eddie, the two specially trained dogs from South Yorkshire Police, had “every single detail of those operations recorded on video, including the collection of the samples sent...


  1. Not a gambling man then?

    But he does do a nice turn of phrase:

    It means she might need to get out more

    Perhaps she might take along three parts of the British establishment when she does, I think they all could use an airing.

  2. Think most of the pack have already sniffed out Kate McCann who seems to be hibernating in Rothley hoping we will all go away.

    It'll soon be time to smoke her out.

    And, if necessary, tear her apart.


  3. Wouldnt it be wonderful if the mccFibs sued him for throwing in their dirty faces they are liars?
    This man has guts...I always maintained the truth would come and justice would be done for Madeleine...whatever ways or shapes but it will.

    Mr & Mrs MccFibs, the world is panting in anticipation ....what are you going to answer to "Uncle Tom"?

  4. Gerry's Pinocchio nose is only capable to smell money.


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