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PJ Ends Investigation: Rui Pereira Vanished Ten years ago

Case to be Archived: The Investigation to the the disappearance of Rui Pereira. Without new data, the case was transferred a month ago from the Judiciary Police to the Public Ministry and could be archived soon. Now, only the parents have hope that the young man might appear.

Rui Pereira, at the time 13 years old, disappeared  from Vila Nova de Famalicão. His parents still have the 'flame of hope' well lit: "He did not die, he was kidnapped!". The images bellow show Rui's face evolution from when he was 13 years up to 21 years old, a work elaborated with computer technology, published in the 24 horas newspaper of 22/11/07.

Rui Pereira vanished ten years ago, on the 2nd of March 1999, when he played in the Sinçães Park, near the neighbourhood where he lived. "The process of the investigation to Rui Manuel Correia Pereira disappearance is no longer in the PJ and was transferred to the Public Ministry of Famalicão", a PJ source told Lusa News Agency. The next step is the archival.

"We never changed the phone number, or moved away because one day, when Rui can call or come back, we want him to find us in the same place where we left us."  The hope that resists is of Laurinda Meira, the mother of Rui Pereira.  The family of the young man, now with 24 years old, lives 'suspended' waiting for any clue on his whereabouts. The same applies to police searches.

After tomorrow, another disappearance completes eleven years - the one of Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça, then 11 years old, who disappeared from Lousada, in Porto. This was the first media case regarding the disappearance of a child in Portugal.

Rui Pedro disappeared on the 4th of March 1998 when he went riding his bicycle and was never seen. The mother, Filomena, never gave up searching for her son and the PJ is still working on the case. There are high chances of closing this case without results and the archiving can also occur this year.


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  1. the dates of disappearence could have connection with each other, beginning of March,the day of the week, the name Rui,and I don't know if Famalicão is close to Porto. I bet the PJ has investigated all those aspects of the story.
    This is hell for the parents, no doubt about it.
    Both boys disappeared in public places, not at home like Maddie.
    Those are the real abductions.At least the McCanns know what happened to Maddie, they are not a bit worried about her fate in the hands of strangers.Their only concern is to make people believe in her abduction, and that is a terrible lot of work, be sure.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, Filomena Teixeira (Rui Pedro's mother) identified her son in some images of child pornography after police completed the W0nderland raid. Why were these leads never followed up?


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