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The Portuguese answer to the 'new' McCann Campaign


  1. My uncle works as a mail man in Algarve.
    Talking to people about what the McCanns intend to do here, he told me nobody believes the McCann's story.
    His colleagues experience the same.
    Where ever the mail men go, they experience the same:
    Madeleine is dead and the parents know it.

  2. I woudn't go as far as Himself, but I would make a poster saying "my parents(and their friends)know what really happened to me"

  3. Gerry McCann said during his visit to Portugal in January 2009: "I won't talk about any, errr... any specific detail, to be honest, I think there's been far too much detail of the investigation in the media but, errr... you know, what we're really here to discuss is, errr... how we can work with the authorities to explore areas where other things can still be done that... that might make a difference and I think, errr... you know, this is the first visit that I'm here in, errr... Portugal but I expect it will be the first of, you know, several over the next few months.

    Q: Do you plan to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities?

    GM: Of course."

    So, one has to wonder, why not ask for any information that people might have to be given to the police? Isn't that the logical thing to do?!


    Looking for funding - please contribute - I want to put up a billboard in front of the church in Luz - for the 2nd anniversary celebrations - need money.

    Billboard is to feature one single image.

    A photo of Goncalo Amaral.

  5. This fucking couple think we are stupid only because we, Portugueses, are responsible parents.
    And we don't cheat on people in order to make money.
    By now, the UK know she is dead and the parents are involved in her death.
    They don't dare to come to Algarve and to talk to the population.
    It would be wonderful a peaceful demonstration
    demanding the truth, in front of the church in Luz.
    The population should protest against what the McCanns did to us and to Amaral. And specially what they did to their daughter.
    Let us show we are not lambs!

  6. What a wonderful idea.
    A peaceful demonstration in front of the Luz's church, on May the 3rd that will be a Sunday.
    Asking for the truth and protesting against what the Mccanns did to Portugal.
    Maybe an invitation through the local and national papers.
    People who prayed with the McCanns for Madeleine's safe return, could now protest against what they did to her and to the PJ.
    Joana, can you arrange it?
    And invite the British media.

  7. Joana and all other portuguese friends here
    PLEASE,find out if they CAN do this
    -Did they ask the local authorities if they could?
    In any case,please,file a massive complaint to your local authorities and BOYCOT the whole sad story.
    If you could,try to get some of Tony"s booklet and give it away to everybody in portugal....

  8. that's all we want, MADELEINE


  9. Wow, the brass neck of these two people is mindboggling.

    I don't blame the Portuguese one bit for wanting to hold a peaceful demonstration outside the church. Heck, if I lived in Praia da Luz, I'd be there.

    Something, somewhere has to give because this is the stuff riots are made of - people are going to snap if they're not careful. No one likes being lied to, particularly over the death of a child. The McCann's have taken the piss too often now and they've clearly demonstrated none of their campaign has been about getting to the truth about what happened to their own daughter. They are avoiding that particular issue at all costs.

    How dare they invade your country again with this obscene circus!

  10. Estes são os verdadeiros!Os verdadeiros cartazes .

    Pobre Pequenina Maddie.

  11. A peaceful demonstration outside the church in PDL, May 3rd. What a great idea. I for one would certainly be up for that.

  12. Somos muchos los españoles que nos solidarizamos y compartimos la respuesta de los portugueses ante esta nueva mascarada.

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  15. It seems there are more nasty Portuguese people than we thought.
    You stooped lower than I ever thought possible and I hope you rot in hell.

  16. http://ukinportugal.fco.gov.uk/

  17. How jolly decent of Joana Morais to give these right wing racists publicity and to help bring to the attention of the world, exactly why people with families should stay AWAY from Portugal.

    Not sure the Portuguese givernment and the Portuguese Tourist Board will se it quite like that, when they receive the screenshots of this blog complete with its photographs.

    They could be so angry, that there it is Whoosh Morais blog gone, poor poor Morais.

  18. Nice language you allow on this blog Jonana.

  19. This filth has now been reported to both the British Embassy in Portugal and the Portuguese tourist board.

  20. Horrible how indifferent people are to the fate of an innocent child. No matter who did it, I'm sure people who really care about children would want her to be found, dead or alive. Seems it's now a small group shouting loud (as usual nowadays)who are in fact hateful people, only caring about themselves and money.

  21. Answer me a question that has been bugging me since I read your website.
    If the McCann's 'murdered' Madeleine .....1. Where is the body? Surely the Portuguese police are not so inept that they could not trace a body after x number of months? 2. If the McCann's had murdered Madeleine why on earth would they continue their search for her. If I had murdered one of my children, and had been under suspicion for one year three months, and then cleared, I would keep quiet and not continue an exhaustive campaign to try to find her.

  22. Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen. Maimonides

    Soon, very soon, the world WILL know the truth of Amaral's lies.


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