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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

"Tomorrow will be a family day. We are doing a photo-shoot with the twins for the Sunday newspapers in the morning but will involve stuff that we want to do with them anyway."

Gerry McCann blog Day 23 - 26/05/2007 - Saturday

The McCanns use the twins to spin and project in the world wide media the perfect family/parents image. Just 24 days after Madeleine McCann mysterious disappearance.

Selling the Twins...

Source: People Magazine


  1. Surely to God this pair of scum must be the most hated people in the UK.

  2. How sad that there were NO "family days" for Madeleine(and the twins) during those days of holiday in Praia da Luz! When she was still around, she and her siblings were dumped in the creche everyday of the week, all day! The Mccann children were the only ones in the group who stayed at the creche mornings and afternoons. Oh, but back then there were no media around, no need to show the world a façade of dotting parents and a picture-perfect family.
    So so sad...


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