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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

Every morning, Woolfall and the McCanns worked on a strategy for the day after they had brainstormed ideas overnight with a close circle of friends in Britain. They then organised a series of carefully scheduled statements, interviews and photo-opportunities.

Back in the UK, the McCanns relied heavily on their family and friends, asking them to help in any way they could. Within days thousands of e-mails had been sent.

“They are a middle-class family who knows someone, who knows someone, who might know someone important,” said Woolfall. “They were trying to push every lever.”

One early idea from the family was for Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United’s Portuguese winger, to make an appeal. Gerry called a friend who had contacts in the football world, and word reached Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager.

“The quote that came back from him was ‘the boy will do it’,” said a source close to the family. Other football stars, including David Beckham, soon followed suit.

IN Sunday Times 10 June 2007, The Inside Story of Campaign Maddie


  1. These people's hipocrisy knows no boundaries.

    As does their arrogance, their haughtiness, their superiority.

    The higher they climb, the harder they fall, the saying goes.

    They had powerful friends. But now, they are collecting powerful enemies, as well.

    Just ask the media world.

  2. A middle-class family "who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone important" does not receive several phone calls from the prime-minister in person, it would be very unlikely!

  3. A doctor has many patients and he can read on their files what kind of work they do or what is their professions.His assistent in England could have made a list of useful people, and Kate's assistent could have made another list.And Gerry would call them with requests. I don't think a patient would refuse doing something back to the man who is prepared to save his life or even did it.Connections, connections, connections through his profession, the lucky Gerry!By now those people know or suspect the truth.Too late, they sent him their money already!

  4. P.S. Kate's list has probably only cadaver names.
    Not easy to get help from them.

  5. I saw Tony Bennett sitting behind Gerry at the UK Parliament.
    He was taking notices all the time but I still did not find any comment by him, anywhere.
    Does any of you know if he published anything about that day?


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